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Back when we were young, when we wanted to know about something "new" or "revolutionary," there wasn't an easy way to log in to a computer and get all the answers. Most of the time, there was somebody's older brother, named Dave, or Kev probably, and they always had answers, so we thought they knew what they were talking about. Well, Dave, or Kev - that's not good enough anymore. Today, when we want answers, we can do more than just get them from a reliable source - we can get them straight from the source. In this case, that means bypassing all the media and getting our information straight from the medical specialists who did the research, participated in the experiments, and wrote the studies.

If we're talking about osteoarthritis, and the latest treatments, then that means Prof. Paul Lee, the founder of MSK Doctors in London, and the first specialist in the UK approved to provide Arthrosamid at a clinic. I'll tell you what I think of his latest research, and how you can benefit from it - but like I said, we get our information straight from the source here:

In short, this new paper is all about Arthrosamid, a new single-injection treatment that can cushion and protect your knee, maybe for years to come.

I know, that sounds like a lot of hype - but the research backs it up, and the treatment is barely different from the current option, at least as far as we care about... but let me explain.

Similar, But Improved.  

Although several treatments for osteoarthritis knee pain exist, we know they offer temporary results at best, with many providing pain relief for only a few weeks or months. In his new research, Prof. Paul Lee explores how using a non-biodegradable alternative for a common knee injection can provide similar levels of cushioning, with similar side effects, and long-lasting pain relief.

If you would rather read the full paper, A Systematic Review of the Novel Compound Arthrosamid Polyacrylamide (PAAG) Hydrogel for Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis, it's available for free download on the MSK Doctors website. The clinic also has an informal review that explores the traditional treatment options, how Arthrosamid compares, and steps you can take to access the latest techniques.

So what do we know about Arthrosamid?  

Arthrosamid has been extensively tested in humans for more than 20 years, with no major problems.

So firstly, we know that this treatment is safe, even though it was only recently approved for clinical use.

We also know that MSK Doctors was the first clinic in the UK to receive approval to provide Arthrosamid to patients, and as a result, Prof. Lee is probably the most experienced specialist offering it right now.

Here's what you're probably wondering though - how does it compare to the traditional options?

The new research highlights how Arthrosamid treatment uses similar, minimally invasive, non-surgical techniques, which helps to limit the risk and discomfort to you. That's important.

The report also explains that while some side effects are possible with the new treatment, they are most often minor and temporary, such as short-term redness or swelling at the injection site. More or less what you would expect with any knee injection, to be fair.

Learn More, Or Book An Appointment, The Easy Way.  

There's lots of information in the full report about combining different types of treatments, finding a personalised solution, and how to get in to see an expert, right away.

Here's a little blurb I copied, that might help explain, “Prof Lee’s research into Arthrosamid has revealed that this treatment could offer significant improvements in pain management, stiffness reduction, and enhanced physical function for those with knee arthritis. These findings suggest that Arthrosamid could be a more effective long-term solution than some existing treatments."

If you think Arthrosamid might be what you’re looking for - don’t keep wondering, just find out. The easiest way is to ask an expert.

You can even book your own appointment with Prof. Paul Lee - and he won’t leave you waiting. The MSK Doctors clinic doesn’t believe in waiting lists, or GP referrals.

Get all the details straight from the source, or book an appointment, at


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