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Let me ask you a question: When you're in pain, and it's hard to move your knees - I know that you just want it to stop, but wouldn't it be better if you could get a solution that lasts more than a few months?

That's what Arthrosamid is, in a nutshell - a knee injection treatment, that lasts. The best part is, you don't even need a referral, and there's no waiting list. If you're ready to get rid of your knee pain, just visit MSK Doctors online, and book your own appointment, at

How It Works & Why

If you've never heard of Arthrosamid, it's a new, single-injection option for knee conditions... with one major difference. It doesn't bio-degrade and so doesn't get absorbed by your body.

While knee injections are not new to medicine, Arthrosamid uses a different approach, that specialists believe may allow it to become a permanent part of your knee. Unlike the traditional, bio-degradable knee injections, Arthrosamid is a non-biodegradable hydrogel that cannot easily be absorbed by the body - so instead it sticks around in your knee, keeping you cushioned.

How Long Can It Last?

Prof. Paul Lee, the founder of MSK Doctors and the clinic’s Arthrosamid specialist, was involved in recent research on the long-term effectiveness of this new treatment. He's also the Arthrosamid specialist at the first UK clinic approved to offer this treatment - so it's safe to say he's an expert.

In his new paper, A Systematic Review of the Novel Compound Arthrosamid Polyacrylamide (PAAG) Hydrogel for Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis¹, he shows that Arthrosamid continues to provide relief for at least two years, and perhaps longer.

I say, "perhaps longer," because the study was only scheduled to last for two years, so to get a better idea of the maximum duration, they need to start a whole new study. Two years is a lot better than the few months with a traditional treatment though - and it could be a lifetime.

Is It Safe, What About Side Effects?

When I say that the study only lasted two years, that isn't to say that we haven't studied Arthrosamid for long enough. The compound has been extensively studied in humans for over 20 years², with only minimal and temporary side effects.

Sure, there have been some side effects reported - there always are. I suspect they're the same side effects you would get any time someone pokes a needle into your knee. Most commonly, itchiness, redness, and swelling at the injection site, which fade within a few days.

What About The Cost?

First, let me give you the short version - yes, it costs a bit more than a standard knee injection, but I think it's worth it, because it lasts so much longer.

If you want all the details, then I suggest checking out this quick costs-breakdown, from MSK Doctors. It explains why the costs are different, and how to determine if it's worthwhile for you.

Here's a sneak peek at the future though - if you're suffering from knee pain and stiffness, it's worth it. Just one treatment and you might never have to go back, or at the very least, not for years to come.

It's not that I don't like the doctor - but every time I see him he stabs me in the knee!

Here's a blurb I stole from the full report, “Arthrosamid represents a significant stride in managing knee osteoarthritis, offering effective symptom management and long-term benefits. While initial costs may be higher, the cumulative financial and health advantages position it as a prudent investment for many patients. I advocate for a personalised approach, consulting with a specialised orthopaedic surgeon to explore the most appropriate treatment options for individual cases.”

If you want to get all the details, why not get them straight from the source?

Visit for all the facts, right from the experts.

You can even book an appointment, right from the website. It's easy.

¹ - Overgaard, A. et al., 2019. Clin Ortho Adv Res J.

² - Medical Research Archives, 2022. [Online](

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