Top Pillows for a Good Night's Sleep

by Sara S. Be Cleanness Lover

Not all pillows are created equally. Some are softer than others, some are firmer, some are made from different materials and some are better quality than others. This huge variety exists because we all have lots of different needs and wants from a pillow.

When buying luxury bedding, our first thoughts usually turn to duvet covers, sheets, throws and pillow cases. But pillows and the fillings they provide are hugely important when it comes to getting a decent night’s sleep. Below, we have compiled a top 10 list of some of the most popular types of pillow, have a look:

- Duck feather and down pillows are a popular filling combination because they provide all the softness that down provides, while still giving firm support, thanks to the feathers which are stronger and larger than down clusters.

- Goose down pillows are often considered the most supreme kind of filling for a pillow or duvet that money can buy. Although there is little difference between duck down filling, goose feathers are slightly fluffier than duck feathers and geese have larger down clusters too.

- Duck down pillows still remain a very popular choice of pillow filling despite goose offering a slightly stronger fill power. They are luxurious, soft and often combined with feathers so they provide the best combination of support and softness.

- Duck feather pillows are great if you are looking for a pillow that gives you a medium level of support, often a preference for people who sleep on their backs. Have a look at our collection, which is sold in a pair.

- Goose feather pillows are usually made with down as part of the filling and are great for maintaining their shape. Our range at Dusk is made from 80% down and 20% feather and covered in a cotton percale outer material, offering the mixture of a perfect filling and a cool and comfortable external surface to sleep on.

- Feels like down pillows. When it comes to luxury pillows, it’s difficult to beat the pure softness of a natural filling like feathers or down. But not everyone is best suited to these fibres which can sometimes trigger allergies or irritations. That’s why we offer our Feels Like Down range of pillows filled with 100% synthetic Microfibre that’s as soft as a natural filling without the triggers.

- Anti-snore pillows are also popular for those who are looking to change their sleeping position to prevent them from snoring. These pillows are designed to help you sleep on your side more and discourage you from lying on your back which can trigger snoring.

- Hypoallergenic pillows are a term people search for regular on the internet, often mistaking the filling to be the cause of their allergies. Usually, it is not the filling, but the dust mites that are inside your pillow that cause reactions. Again, our synthetic filling pillow range can help those who are susceptible to irritations or have allergies.

- Neck pillows are popular for those who experience neck pain after waking up, due to their sleeping position. Like the anti-snore pillows, neck pillows encourage you to sleep in a different position, either on your side or your back. A high-quality pillow with a firm filling can help with neck pain as this helps to support your neck and help prevents strains from occurring.

- Wedge pillows, sometimes called a bed wedge are a good addition to your bed if you have the regular requirement to sit up, for example, if you enjoy reading in bed. They are triangular shaped with a slight gradient helping you to become more upright as you lie in bed.

Take a look at our bedding pillow range at Dusk and remember to consider all the different things you need from a pillow. Our complete pillow range can help with all kinds of needs, from protecting you against allergies, helping to promote a better sleeping position and simply being very luxurious and comfortable!

From design to production, the DUSK Bedding team works tirelessly to create bedding you will love at affordable prices without affecting the luxurious feel and quality we aim for. We hand select all the materials that go into making our range and work directly with the mill to produce beautiful bedding designed to our unique specifications. Each item is then tried and tested by the team to meet our high expectations of linen bedding sets before being made available to purchase from our website

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