Tips to Find Out Which Milk Is Suitable For Babies

by Sara S. Be Cleanness Lover

Parents often ask nutritionists about the type of milk which is most suitable for their baby. Apart from breast milk, people are usually confused about the various options available such as cow's organic full cream milk, formula, almond milk, soy milk, goat milk, rice milk, coconut milk, etc. To answer this question, parents first need to understand the nutritional requirements of the baby. Here's how to find out which milk is suitable for babies.

Age: This is the most important aspect to consider when finding the type of milk suitable for babies. According to nutritionists, babies between 0-12 months need to be exclusively fed breast milk. At this age, they should not be given other types of milk, as their digestive system is not evolved to digest milk from other sources. Breast milk not only supplies the essential nutrients, but it also has immune antibodies and probiotics, which help maintain the baby's general health and wellbeing. Solid food in limited quantities can be introduced for babies from 6-9 months onwards.

Nutrition: Babies need a wide variety of nutrients for their proper growth and development. The best source is breast milk, which contains the right amount of fat, protein, carbs, calcium, magnesium, iron, sodium and vitamins. After the baby is 12 months old, they can be given full cream milk for babies derived from cow. It is recommended that babies be given only one type of additional milk at a time. For example, if the baby is being given cow milk in addition to breast milk, then parents should not give any other type of milk. That's because different types of milk require different types of enzymes for digestion. If the baby is given several types of milk all at once, it is bound to create health issues.

Full fat vs. toned milk: Due to concerns about obesity and weight gain, some parents think that switching to formula or toned milk would be suitable for their baby after 12 months. However, this may not be true. Recent studies indicate that babies need fat in large quantities for their rapid growth and proper development of their brain. Also, satiety is more with best full cream milk options such as cow's milk. Unless the baby has been diagnosed with any specific medical condition that requires them to have toned milk, the first priority should always be organic full cream milk.

Transition: When adding a new milk source to the baby's diet, the transition should be done slowly. It would be harsh for the baby's health if they are fed breast milk today and given cow's milk the next day. The right method is to start with small quantities of the new type of milk and gradually adjust the proportions depending on how the baby responds to it. Allergy cases are on the rise, so make sure you consult a nutritionist before introducing a new type of milk to your baby.

After 12 months, the best option for babies is cow's organic full cream milk. It's the closest to breast milk, in terms of nutrition. Babies can also be given milk products such as curd after 12 months. For your baby and the entire family, make sure you buy good quality and fresh stuff from a reputed milk products manufacturer in Delhi.

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