Top 7 Programming Languages For Web Development 2021

by Anand Shukla Digital marketer

Today developing websites is easy and non-technical, you get plenty of options to build websites, many platforms offer to build websites using drag and drop editors, and readymade templates. But if you are looking to build a website using authentic ways (programming), then this blog is for you. 

Here are the top 7 programming languages by website design Delhi: 

  1. JavaScript:

JavaScript, also called JS, is the most popular language among web developers, and a priority of many web developers. The monopoly of the language is, it is the only language that helps to create web applications. 

The strength of JavaScript is that it runs on many browsers and servers with the usage of Nodejs. Also, it has amazing frameworks and libraries that make the web development and web application look authentic. If you are looking to build web applications then JavaScript is the best option. 

  1. Python:

Python is a competitive language of JavaScript for web development, it is highly preferred by web developers. The language is the most versatile in recent times. It has multiple usages such as automation, data science, and scripting. 

It has a lot of frameworks and libraries, for example, you can use Django to create the whole (full-stack) web application. Python will be a great choice, to begin with. 

  1. Java:

For top-notch and best user experience, Java is the best option. Again it can be used to develop multiple things. This makes the best language for many enterprises to maintain consistency. However, due to the operating system, it is used in a wide network.

  1. C++:

This programming language can be said as basic because almost every web developer starts with C++ when they enter the world of learning programming. It is known as a benchmark language because it allows object-oriented development. 

  1. PHP:

PHP is one of the underrated programming languages, but it is one of the best programming languages in recent times. It is best especially for web applications and web development too. It is a server-side scripting language and dynamic programming language. It makes things easy to create the web application functionality. Though many websites are developed on the open-source software WordPress, which is built on the PHP language. 

You can develop the web application and website using the PHP language without any second thought. 

  1. Ruby:

Ruby is a programming language that is similar to PHP and Python, which is easy to learn. The specialty of the Ruby language is that it is on the Rails framework which strengths the websites like Shopify, Airbnb, Github, Kickstarter, etc. if you aren't aware, Rails is the model-view-controller framework. It provides the structure for the database, web pages, and web service. 

It facilitates the front-end languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. So it can be a good option to develop the website. 

  1. Perl:

Perl the language which you might have even never heard about. It is a great language and has also kept evolving over the years. Where earlier it was used to manipulate the text, and now it has the scope of building the functionality of web applications. It is an efficient language that can be used often to explore. 

Since it is not preferred by many web developers, due to which, it is behind among other programming languages and steady. 


As a best website designing company in Delhi, we always recommend developing web pages, web applications using any programming language from the above list. Where you can customize anytime and build it authentically, as we do it.

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