Top 6 Exercises To Do With London Personal Trainer At Home

by Mani Tyagi Mani

Staying fit has always been the key mantra for everyone. It may be running a few miles, playing some outdoor games or going for a swimming session, or hitting the gym to do various indoor exercises. However, with the change in lifestyle, the scope of outdoor physical activities had drastically reduced. Again, the gyms are generally overcrowded, or you may not have much time to hit the gym. So what does one do? It is time to take the help of the best London personal trainer and stay fit as a fiddle doing the workouts at home. Your trainer at London will put stress on specific exercises that can be done at home and keep a strict vigil on your progress. Let us discuss the top 6 exercises that the best trainer will assist you to do at home.

The Top 6 Exercises Preferred By Personal Trainers 

1. Squats

One of the most preferred exercises by the London personal trainer is squat exercise. It can be done in many different ways. In most cases, the trainer will start with squat cable exercise and then proceed with dumbbell and barbell cable squats. As such, no special equipment is needed, and you can use a wire rope with a handle to begin. Your trainer will be able to arrange all these things and you do not need to buy any equipment for your fitness. Any fitness training should be done under the supervision of an expert. Your London personal trainer can adequately guide you to build your quadriceps, strengthen your hamstrings, and develop your gluteals and spinal cord to give relief from back pain.

2. Pushups

While trying to increase your pectoral support and increase the strength of the upper body, including developing an excellent digestive system, your London personal trainer is sure to train you with pushups. Your trainer will give you the tips and tricks of this exercise and will observe your movements. There are different types of pushups available and you need to choose the best one according to your body type. Initially, you may not able to pushups on floor, and you can try it on your wall. Although it sounds like a simple exercise, after few dips, the knees tend to bent, or the arms try to collapse. It is necessary to stretch your muscles to remove the stress from your muscles and you must hire a personal trainer in London in this regard. 

3. Row

Your London Personal trainer will, in the beginning, gauge your fitness and weakness, and try to plan your exercise. It is one of the most popular exercises to do at home to improve the conditions of the muscle, especially deltoids, latismuss dorsi, or the erector spinae. One can perform various types of row exercises under proper supervision, and they can be like the plank row, superman, or the knee row, each having its benefits and degree of hardness. Your personal trainer visiting your home will decide on the type considering your age, gender, or ailments.

4. Lunge

Your trainer will decide if you need a compound or straightforward exercise. When you need compound training, the lunge will be a must on the trainer's list. They will increase your stability and flexibility by train you with such exercises. Do the alternate, static, or reverse lunge as per your trainer's instructions and feel the difference. No equipment is needed in this exercise, and you just need to follow the instructions given by your trainer.

5. Tricep Dip

Again, if you want to enhance your hand's strength, the tricep dips are one of the best exercises to do under the supervision of your trainer. One can do it at home. If you find it tough to do, your trainer will guide you to use your feet, and he or she can also hold your back to give proper support. It is one of the exercises that will tighten and strengthen your arms, shoulders, and chest muscles.

6. Turkish getups

Almost everyone gathers some fat in their abdomen. It may be due to overweight, less movement, and not burning the extra calories or after pregnancy and childbirth or any other ailments. The best London personal trainer will help you do this exercise that involves the whole body and sheds the extra fats accumulated in different regions of your body, particularly the abdomen. Learn this 200-year-old exercise from your personal trainer to tone your body.  

It is always best to have an expert trainer by your side while you do the exercises. Staying fit is the key to good health, and indeed a personal trainer will help you attain the goals. Try the above activities under expert supervision and feel the difference. Do not try such exercises by your own because wrong movements during your workouts can injure your muscles, and you need to go for long-term medication. So stay safe and hire a personal trainer in London today.

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