Top 5 Tips To Build An SEO Friendly Website To Rank On Google

by Shane Davis Shane Davis is an experienced SEO analyst

For the Best SEO Agency, it is an essential task to build an SEO friendly website for their clients. While making the website, there are many important factors to rank very well on Google. Here in this SEO article, we will discuss all the ten essential elements that you need to keep in mind.


When an SEO strategist starts making smart and effective strategies for his client, one of the first things that he will take care of is to build a website. However, that website needs to be an SEO friendly website as well as its user experience should be smooth and easy. Therefore, if you hire the Best SEO Agency for the purpose of building your business website or blog website, then make sure they can add the top features.

Now, you must be wondering to know the top things to build an effectively designed website for your business or brand. That is why, here in this SEO article, we have brought to you the top ten essential factors that a website builder or a website designer needs to keep in mind while making that website. While you want to make a website by putting an extra effort into creativity and style, SEO will make the main difference in this. Without thinking more, let's dig deeper here.


Make the navigation user friendly and SEO friendly:

While building the websites, many web designers don't keep in mind the task that they need to use user-friendly and SEO friendly navigation. However, there is a practice in building the websites that using flash for website navigation for the website design.

Along with this, in the SEO Agency, most web designers are not aware of the fact that they have to make the website elements in such a way that the flash objects remain accessible.

Along with this, the flash objects are also needed to be user friendly and search-friendly for the web crawlers. Therefore, it becomes very difficult for the search engines to crawl and find out the websites that use flash.

Sometimes, web designers also have to keep in mind the vital factors related to CSS and JavaScript. So that the website user can have a search-friendly experience while looking for the information on that website.


Using search engine friendly and easily readable content:

If you are planning to build a website or planning to hire the Best SEO Company for your website, then make sure you can focus on the whole content creation strategy. Because content is one of the main things to consider in your website building strategy.

Therefore, the designer needs to have a talk with the content writer or the content marketer and then make the proper content panels on the website. While building an effective and responsive designed website, you need to ensure that contents like the headings, paragraphs, meta description or metadata, linking, everything is as per the content creator's requirement.

The websites having a small amount of content do not make sense in the search engine process. As a result, for most websites, this is a must-have criterion to focus on. Therefore, it is indeed an essential factor to must avoid and make sure the designer and the content marketer have proper plans before every website design stage. As per the SEO Agency, there must be some vital steps before you start building the website. Therefore, it will be a good idea for the web designers to use a smart technique for the website's CSS background image and text replacement.


Design search engine friendly URL:

There are many search-friendly websites. But if you want to know the top secrets behind making them this level of search-friendly, there will come one of the factors is using search-friendly URLs. Also, there should be a keen eye to make search friendly URL structure.

When a user starts searching various types of information on the internet space, then the best idea is to use the topmost relevant keywords on the search bar. However, for the website designers, it is an essential task to build the entire URL structure with the relevant keywords so that it can help the users to describe the page content very well.


Updating the webpages with fresh content:

Now, this is a top trend to implement a dedicated blog panel to the websites. For this purpose, the web designers are building a blog panel that is solely designed to post new blogs on the site. Because now it is very important to post new pieces of content on a regular basis as this way you can tell the search engines that your website has an updated blog panel.

For the Best SEO Company, this is also important because this is an effective way to share your views and expertise on the business fields as well as you can show the world your own experience in that niche. Along with this, the search engines can identify that your website is well updated with the recent information as well as users are updated with the website very recently.

Therefore, it will indicate to the search engines that your website is still in a live state of use. It will also make a better result for the crawling purpose.


Using proper Header Tags for the website:

One of the main tasks for a reputed SEO Agency is to make the best use of the header tags. When the expert web designer is going to build an SEO friendly website for his client, then it is of utmost importance to keep in mind that he needs to use proper headings or header tags.

A header tag mainly helps the user to describe the page content in a better way. Therefore, the header tags are solely used for providing the search engines useful information about the page structure, page content and HTML document of that specific page.


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