Top 5 Tips for Fuel Efficient Driving

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One of the prime factors when buying a car or availing the self drive rental facility is fuel economy. With the sky rocketing fuel prices and pertaining the environmental issues being debated, the demand for highly efficient and economic vehicles has seen a seismic increase over the past couple of years. Every driver desires to save a few bucks and cut out on the fuel budget for driving, but all efforts prove futile as the car keeps squeezing upon your wallet loads.


There are ways to ensure that your vehicle delivers improved fuel efficiency and consumes less. These methods require improved driving habits and minor adjustments to the car setup without having to alter the mechanics. These simple ways on how to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle to ensure minimum stops at the gas station have been shared below:


       Driving light.


The more weight engine has to pull requires more power to be produced. Increased fuel consumption caters and gets the vehicle going. To improve fuel consumption by up to 25%, it is advised to adopt weight reduction and carry only the necessary load whenever driving. This might require ditching a passenger as well!


It is a fact that the more weight a car carries, the more fuel it uses. It is best advised to leave tools and sports equipment at home before embarking on the journey. 


       Maintaining optimum tire pressure.


Less air volume in the tires creates a bigger contact patch with the road surface. This increases friction and forces the vehicle to do more work. As more work requires more power, it will drain your fuel tank much faster than expected. Keep the pressure levels up and savor the chance to save a few bucks. 


       Momentum conservation. 


This one sounds physics! Yes. Conserving the mass momentum when in motion will eliminate the need to accelerate vigorously and brake hardly. Smooth driving inputs require less fuel and let the car take full benefit of the scientific law to ensure a proficient drive experience. As this one is purely habitual, it is advised to inculcate the same and relieve excess fuel consumption. 


       Keep calm and save fuel.


Every vehicle has a prescribed eco-range of operation that derives the best fuel economy from the engine. Adhering to the eco-zone will guarantee less fuel consumption. High speed driving requires more fuel as the engine is operation on the limit. Further it not safe and to prevent any troubles while ensuring better economy, it is a must to never rush on but instead drive composed. Be as smooth with car controls and use gentle driver inputs. 


       Cut through the air efficiently.


Aerodynamic drag is a big factor that determines fuel economy of any vehicle. Maintaining a sleek vehicle profile demands less vehicle energy as it can cut through the air with ease. Avoid roof top loading and keep the windows rolled up to let the car streamline along the way. When driving fast, this effects fuel consumption significantly and makes best use of science to let the car glide effortlessly. 

Adhering to these tips will ensure better fuel economy for a vehicle of any shape or size and performance capability. Mylescars offers self driven cars that are precisely engineered to consume less fuel and make for a less demanding trip.

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