Clever Driving: Better Than Fast Driving

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Fast driving will get you to your destination early but the risks are many. Nothing is much important than safety and it should always be the first priority. It is agreed that sometimes we are late and need to reach the place as soon as possible. So what to do then if driving fast is not the option?

Well, there is an art to ease out the stress and the safe way to reach your destination on time is to drive the clever way.

There is a significant difference between “fast driving” and “clever driving”. One exposes you to numberless risks while the other lets you gain time at the safest prospects. The facility of car for hire gets you a car anytime so you won’t be late for the destination. Starting on time will make you drive cautiously and this is the cleverest option of all.

So what actually is “Clever Driving”?

Clever Driving is an art. It is the driving skill that will let you make the best from the road space available and let you gain positions on the way. It prevents you getting stuck in the traffic and is also economical.

What things make for a clever driver?

It is not magic. Neither is it God’s gift. It is a culmination of certain principles and techniques that will make you a better driver. A clever driver never rushes but finds a better way out. He is not bothered by the prospects of the destination but finds pleasure when driving. Such drivers always have a plan for the drive and this saves them from wandering lost.

How to drive cleverly?

The art of clever driving can be mastered by anyone only if they adhere to the principles and are disciplined when driving. The steps to follow for being a clever driver have been stated under:

·    Always drive at a safe speed. Fast driving exposes you to several troubles and troubles take time to settle. Thus it is not considered clever.

·   Before commencing the drive, check for the optimum route to your destination based on distance and traffic density at the time. Internet helps in being clever this time.

·    Check the car condition every time before going on the drive. Survey for the tire pressures and fuel levels to prevent any difficulties during the drive. Clever drivers always make a round of their vehicles to see if it is in the best drivable condition.

·    Taking it easy on the car for the first few miles is a clever option as the fluids take time to get to temperature. Rash acceleration during the first miles and that too on a cold day can risk seizure of engine components and get you stuck in the middle of the road. Definitely not clever!

·     Going for the gap that exists is clever because you are making the move at a very safe speed. When in traffic jams always take advantage of the slightest progress and squeeze through to get yourself ahead. It is much safer than overtaking at high speeds and is thus considered clever.

·     Playing by the rules is the only way if you wish to be a clever driver. Such drivers never hurt the safety prospects by being impatient and aggressive on the road. Cleverness in this regard can save lives.

·     Always leave way for faster traffic to attain the respectable status of being a clever driver. Never try to race on the road and always let others pass with care. Act cool and make way. They say slow and steady wins the race. You will sure catch them again at the next traffic light.

·     Select the best parking spot that will ensure complete security of the vehicle and make it easy for you to exit. Cleverness of this kind will prevent getting stuck behind other cars.

·     Turn the engine off when stopping at signals and in traffic jams to save fuel and a few bucks cleverly.

Now when you have gained sufficient knowledge about the art of clever driving, it is the right time to avail car rental services from Myles and reap the benefits of the same. There is availability of top class vehicles in each segment and the hassle free service will make for an enjoyable drive.      


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