Top 5 habits that affects healthy digestion

by Rashmi Adwani health content development

Choice of foods and lifestyle are the two important factors that affect the digestion inside your body. It is known to everyone that adding fibrous foods, staying hydrated and regular exercising contribute to better digestion. But many individuals ignore to follow a healthy diet that leads to digestive issues. The food you consume breaks down into nutrients by the digestive enzymes, so if you ignore your digestive health, you body wont absorb nutrients properly that may leads to many serious illnesses in future.

Here are some of the worst digestive health habits.

·         Neglecting body’s urge to go

Some individuals knowingly ignore the urge to go to loo and have a bowel movement. And later on they can’t let it happen as ignoring body’s sign causes constipation. After you eat have your breakfast every day morning, your body will be ready for the whole day to carry out the right digestion. This is why you have an urge to go right after the food. Listen what your body says and never neglect it.

·         Eating close to bedtime

Whatever the food, meal or snack, should not be consumed close to bedtime as you may feel heartburns at night. This is because the food in your stomach is likely to get pushed back to esophagus while lying. Also, those who go to bed within an hour of eating will surely have a larger belly which will be very difficult to reduce back to normal state. This is one of the signs that you are not under healthy digestion. Do you want a flattened stomach which you can’t get through exercises? A professional plastic surgeon  can be a help by performing abdominoplasty or tummy tuck to get your dream body.

·         Too many liquids with dinner

Do you take more liquids like water, tea, milk or coffee during dinner? Then, your digestion will not be in the right path. Never try to gulp more liquids as it causes reflux symptoms that push food from stomach to esophagus. Drink as much water as you can during the day to stay hydrated, but resist them during dinner time. If you don’t drink enough water, it can also lead to poor digestion. So make sure you stay hydrated always.

·         Smoking all time

Even though everyone know smoking is injurious to health, still many individuals run behind a cigarette as if it is the only way to relieve stress, depression and anxiety. But keep in mind that smoking is harmful to your digestive system too. Smoking causes heartburn and ulcer development. If you can’t stop smoking all of sudden, try to reduce the number gradually. You will sure win the case.

·         Eating too much

Drinking or eating too much at a stretch is not good for your digestive tract as it leads to bloating and reflux. It is advisable to have smaller and more frequent meals and eat slowly for an easy digestion processes. Also, try to include nutritious foods in your daily diet and don’t follow same diet plan every day as you may lack nutrition which is not good for your digestive health.

Making your body relaxed is the only way to be healthy in all ways. Your digestive system will be out of your control if you are too much stressed or anxious. Find some activities that help you to relieve stress and practice them on a regular basis. So while taking care all mentioned factors, make sure your mind is relaxed.


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