Top 3 Practices Needed For An Effective Crisis Response Plan

by The Yellow Coin PR Agency in Delhi

No matter what the size and industry a company belongs to, a public relations (PR) crisis can strike in their way anytime and from any source. Previous year witnessed major media disasters and PR crisis that led many big businesses going down with their tarnished image and many even facing the shutdown situations. In this ever competitive business world, many companies still have this misconception that they won’t get stuck in any crisis like situation. As the crisis differs from industry to industry and according to the size of businesses, so there isn’t any one particular plan that fits to all crisis communication management processes. Following are the best practices that will help the crisis consultant in Delhi and around the world in zeroing the problem and deploying an effective response plan, accordingly:

1.      The early you respond, the early will the problem get solved

In today’s multi-media world, information gets spread more quickly than the fire in the forest. This indeed is a really great feature, but if the narrative gets to the public and holds any mistake, then it becomes extremely difficult to make it right.  But, instead of panicking the companies should hire the best one from the various crisis management firms and let them quickly analyze and stabilize the situation by publishing correct editorial and magazine issues. 

Once, identified the reason behind the crisis shy not in publishing Public statements and/or news releases seeking apology and providing clarification for the same. If possible, outline the possible solutions in the published content to better demonstrate company’s commitment to a quick resolution and aides message control.

2.      Monitor to gain the actionable insight

The crisis consultants need to lay their hands on the various advanced software programs that monitor the news and social media happenings in real time thus, making them stay close to what’s happening in the market and also stay updated about the public’s mood and sentiments. This real-time data turns handy in identifying the crisis of their client’s brand, by quickly updating the companies about trending headlines and social media conversations and thereby making the crisis responding process quicker.

With consistent monitoring, the crisis management service providers in Delhi and around the world are able to know what the public feels and respond to in real-time. Always remember even a single negative mention gets viral quickly but only regular monitoring will tackle the crisis issues.  

3. Transparency helps regain the lost trust

One of the deadliest impact of crisis is that it instantly shuns off the public trust and credibility earned over the years. It might be possible that the crisis will go from headline within sometime but the damage it made can majorly damage the company’s reputation and market share in the long term, if not tackled appropriately in time. While providing crisis management services, the consultants need to understand that repairing brand reputation primarily requires transparency. No matter how severe was the root cause of the crisis, an authentic communication plan in its response is essential for winning back the public trust. Instead of going all mum about the issue, it’s better to create positive conversation and let the public understand the company’s opinion by sharing with them relevant information and updates. 

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