Top 11 Interior Decorating Styles in Maidstone

by Alisha Hopes Writer

Which November rolling in on us, there is something buzzing in the air, everyone wants to change, do something or try something new. For those who want to change themselves, Google self-care. For those who want try something new, try cooking, it’s a disaster. For those whom want to change their surroundings and elevate your lifestyle. Don’t google anything and keep reading. We bring you the Top 11 Styles that you can use for your next theme in interior decoration, so read it before you go calling your interior Decorators in Maidstone. Read it. Come on. Go ahead. Read. 


1.       Scandinavian Décor

Scandinavian Décor is a functional form of Interior design that focuses both on saving energy, space, minimalism and looking elegant. Scandinavian design consists of a mostly nude colour palate other than white colour which takes dominance over all others.

The plain white walls allow an elegant appearance with the functionality of providing good light reflection that allows you to use less energy.

 The placement of furniture and decoration is also accompanied by the idea of functionality; it is placed in a way that the space can be the most useful whilst leaving enough room for you to be comfortable.

2.       Modern Interior

Modern Interior Décor according to the Pooles Painting and Decorating LTD is normally aimed to create a hotel like look, the contrasting colours and comfortable furniture is to create the sense of expense and elegance.

Modern Décor is becoming a more and more popular idea nowadays as people look towards the internet for inspiration and want to show off their interior on their social medias.

The style is heavily indulgent it the materials like fur, metal, mirrors and leather to create an aesthetic look, which can sometimes be non-functional but fun all the same.  

3.       Farmhouse Décor

Farmhouse style is a family friendly style for those that want to have a nostalgic looking place for their kids to grow in. This style features the use of exposed woodwork heavily and the use of light colours to compliment as well as dark lines to carve the shape together.

The use of black lines here and there adds angle to the home, the use of colours like white of cream is to compliment the use of exposed wood as it gives a brilliant contrast.

4.       Urban Chic

Urban Chic is a design aimed for the young women who are newly independent, the design has the usage of vibrant colours complimenting the use of black and white. These styles feature the use of accent walls a lot, although most of the time the accent wall is one solid colour, maybe a vibrant one at that.

The use of fabrics and contrasting materials is also common, such as the mixing of Fur and leather or maybe the use of Mirrors to make the rooms look bigger than they are and fake more dimension. These tricks add a lot into the style a create a well-put together look. 

5.       Mid Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern is a design that holds significance in this turn of the century, the design uses the aesthetics from the “Pin up” or “Domestic Bliss” era and recycles the themes of a sexist time to a modern one.

The theme is mainly used as a form of empowerment, “Taking control of your own initiative” A way to see how far we’ve come as a society from that time but with so much being different.

6.       Industrial

Industrial Design is a style derived from the industrial age with the heavy use of materials like metal, glass and brick. These complement each other to create an industrial design that looks like a modern reflection of the factory like aesthetic.

The colours for this theme are mostly grey, silver, white, black and red. These colours create a conundrum for the mind that fits in place through a certain connection to the working age.

7.       Minimalistic

Minimalism is the key to an attitude that expresses less affinity for objects and a better prioritization.

The minimalism helps you have more space and less clutter, the design is normally highly functional and consists of very less furniture and only a few decorations, nothing more in the name of adornment.

8.       Retro Aesthetic

The Retro Grunge Aesthetic as well as Retro aesthetic in general is very popular with people, the love of records the use of instant pictures as decorations and bright colours.

The Grunge aesthetic maybe for a younger crowd but the Retro aesthetic in itself is subtler, with the use of colours like light blue, pastel green and red over white to compliment it. The look of a diner or an old ice cream parlour mixed in with a family setting and elegance.

9.       Bohemian Chic

Bohemian chic uses cultural pieces from bohemian style, such as colours and aesthetic to show off with the neutral colours of the walls. Bohemian Carpets and curtains are normally the best way to create an exotic atmosphere in the house, just add some décor that matches and create your own little heaven.

10.   Urban Decor

Unlike Urban Chic, Urban Decor is a style that is aimed towards the family and homely aesthetic in the city life, it follows the lean cut and modern look while making the house look like a home that can sustain kids and cater to a family lifestyle. The hardwood flooring with beautiful décor that looks well placed but also cosy. It helps you create a look that caters to your desire for a modern family style look.

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