Top 10 Screen Mirroring Apps for Android in 2020

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In this article, we have brought all the information for the users so that they can check out the best screen mirroring apps for Android that are latest,  and knew that is in the year 2020! This app will help the users to easily mirror their Android screen and are a free download.

Screen mirroring apps are based on the screen mirroring technology that allows the users to share the screen of their Android device to any other screen ( might be a larger screen). This is a very basic desire for the user, especially the players who love to play Android games like Fortnite, PUBG, etc on a larger screen, like the screen of a laptop or a computer. Therefore screen mirroring is done to view the content and other mobile-related activities on any other screen that you desire, remotely. Also, screen mirroring apps are considered to be just perfect for technical support and streaming.

In this article our main objective is to highlight top 10 screen mirroring apps for Android in the year 2020, with the help of which you can share the activities of your Android device on a bigger screen, like on your television! Does that not sound awesome? So, continue reading the article to know more!

10 Best screen mirroring apps for Android

  1. Chrome desktop app: 
    Chrome Remote Desktop
    Chrome desktop app is considered as one of the top-rated and widely used screen mirroring apps, by which the users can easily access their data from their smartphones to any other screen via screen mirroring. This technology makes the work quite smooth and fast.For example, if you have to start mirroring your mobile device on your computer system like PC, you just have to set up the remote access with the Google Chrome remote desktop application, both on your computer and on your smartphone. This will simply start off with your job

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  2. TeamViewer:
    TeamViewer is also considered one of the best screen mirroring apps especially in the year 2019. In fact, it has been rated among the most popular free screen mirroring application to be used on any platform.Earlier this app allowed us to share the screen between tiny groups of people. It was only possible because of its feature that TeamViewer can be used across multiple platforms like  Android, Mac, Linux, or even iOS.This app makes use of a 256 bit AES  encryption system that makes it quite secure screen mirroring app when compared to other applications

    Thus, it is not only trusted, but also cherished by the users as it provides them with the most astounding features like control and touch gestures,  enables the users to transfer files in both directions,  and even offers top security standards.

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  3. Microsoft remote desktop:
    Remote Desktop
    As the name suggests,  Microsoft Remote Desktop screen mirroring application was developed by Microsoft and it can be downloaded and used both for Android devices and even iPhone devices without any hindrance.This app also provides some outstanding features including, a remarkable multi-touch option,  it’s the facility to support audio and video streaming,  its facility to establish secured connections that guarantees the production of all your media files and relatable contents that are valuable to you. Hence, this app is highly trusted and recommended to be used.

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  4. Apower Mirror:

    The Apower mirror software also comes at number 4 in the list of best screen mirroring apps for Android to TV,  as by using this app the user can share the data of his smartphone to his TV screen. This shows the highly user-friendly interface of this application,  and the least efforts required by the end of the user to operate the app.Actually it can be called a direct screen mirroring app when considered in terms of streaming TV series, movies, web series, or even photographs, videos, and other apps that are present in your Android device. So, this is actually a complete package software and often regarded as a fun software that assists the user to establish boundless connections with other similar Android devices, in a much easier way and uninterrupted manner

  1. Also, the most remarkable feature of this app is that it enables the users to make the access of photos, videos, apps, or other media files, even while they are adjusting their mirrored screens, which makes it probably the most smooth and flexible app to run!

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  2. Google Home:
    Google home
    Google Home is the most user-friendly, free, and accessible Android screen mirroring app that has been developed by Google and it is available for the users to download it from the Google Play Store itself. Initially when this application was launched, it not only enabled the users to access and play songs, but also make volume controls in the songs, control their settings, and the Chromecast adjustments.Google Chrome Cast screens the content and data from your Android mobile phone device screen to your TV or laptop or computer screen, in just a few minutes. For making the Google home application setup for the first time after its installation on your device, you just simply have to connect your Android device with your TV Chromecast, by a shared Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Then you will have to launch the Google Home software by going on to the “Menu” icon and selecting the option “Cast screen/audio”. This makes it all work for you.

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  4. Airserver connects:
    AirServer Connect
    It has also been regarded as one of the best screen mirroring apps for Android devices, that enables the users to establish an uninterrupted mobile device connection on a single network. So, just follow these simple steps and connect your Android device onto your PC screen – FIrstly, you have to open the air server applications “Settings” option on your PC or laptop, and then select “QR code” icon.Now, the next step is to launch the Airserver software on your mobile phone and then select “ Scan”  to connect your PC or laptop with your Android phone. Airserver program scans the QR code on its own and easily mirrors your device’s screen in not just that a few seconds onto your PC screen.

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  5. Samsung Smart View:
    screen mirroring apps
    Another renowned and used Android screen mirroring app, which allows the users to access their own designed and smart smartphones easily, is the Samsung Smart View screen mirroring application.By using this application you can browse your favorite web series or TV series or any other movies or shows very easily and stream them anytime and anywhere you want, by just simply connecting your smartphone device to the bigger screen that might be available.

    Also another most liked feature of this app is that the user can easily switch the TV from standby mode with smartphone only, without actually going near to the TV. How relaxing.

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  6. Anydesk:
    screen mirroring apps
    Users must have heard a lot about this application named Anydesk. Actually this is one of the widely used screen mirroring applications by the users, which was developed to provide remote and control to the media files software and other related stuff for the users.By using any desk the users really don’t have to face any problem because they can easily access their Windows, Linux, or Mac gadgets, by any other Android device or iOS device, anytime and anywhere

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  7. Screen mirroring with TV:
    screen mirroring apps
    This screen mirroring app was developed by Gravity App Club and was considered as one of the best screen mirroring apps for Android to TV connection in the year 2019.To begin casting you simply have to establish a stable and speedy Wi-Fi connection, both with your TV and with your smartphone. Once you have a common internet connection between both of your devices, the scanning procedure will start ( done by this app), wherein your mobile phone will be scanned.

    Once the complete scanning of your Android phone has been done,  it’s the screen that will be mirrored on your TV. It is quite a user-friendly application that is based on a profile based interface. So, this enables both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections automatically along with various other features that are much more enjoyable.

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  8. Screen Mirroring Assistant:
    screen mirroring apps
    This is quite an ideal screen mirroring application that can be used for both Android and IOS devices. Also referred to as Mirroring 360,  screen mirroring assistant application helps the mobile device’s screen to be mirrored on your PC or TV by scanning a QR code or by making use of the mirroring ID.Thus, by using this app the users are free to view their apps, videos, photos, media, and other related stuff on a big screen in a much more relaxed manner.

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These are the top 10 screen mirroring apps that are used for Android in 2020. This application is mind-blowing and heartwarming on its own, wherein the user gets the best experience.

Hope, after reading this article, you can probably make a better choice selection while selecting the best screen mirroring app for Android device!

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