Top 10 Resources for Lab-Grown Diamonds in the USA

by Riddhi Corporation HPHT Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturer

As the demand for ethical and sustainable alternatives to traditional diamonds grows, lab grown diamonds have become a prominent choice for conscientious consumers. In this guide, we’ve compiled the top 10 resources for purchasing lab grown diamonds in the USA, with a special highlight on Riddhi Corporation LLP, a leading High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) lab-grown diamond manufacturer.

1. Brilliant Earth:

·         A trusted online retailer with a wide selection of lab-grown diamonds.

·         Emphasizes transparency and ethical sourcing practices.

2. James Allen:

·         Renowned for its virtual diamond inspection feature, allowing a closer look at each stone.

·         Offers a diverse range of lab-grown diamonds and engagement rings.

3. Clean Origin:

·         Specializes exclusively in lab-grown diamonds.

·         Committed to environmentally friendly practices and transparency.

4. Riddhi Corporation LLP:

·         Leading player in the HPHT lab grown diamond industry.

·         Specializes in HPHT technology for exceptional diamond quality.

·         Expertise in HPHT Technology.

·         Commitment to Sustainability.

·         Wide Range of Options.

·         Transparent Practices.

5. Do Amore:

·         A boutique with a focus on ethical and sustainable jewelry.

·         Offers a curated collection of lab-grown diamond pieces.

6. MiaDonna:

·         Specializes in conflict-free diamonds and ethical engagement rings.

·         Committed to philanthropy, supporting diamond mining communities.

7. Ada Diamonds:

·         Known for its custom lab-grown diamond creations.

·         Emphasizes traceability and craftsmanship.

8. Pure Grown Diamonds:

·         A pioneer in the lab-grown diamond industry.

·         Offers a range of diamonds with different cuts and sizes.

9. Helzberg Diamonds:

·         A national jeweler offering lab-grown diamonds.

·         Provides in-store experiences for customers.

10. Diamond Foundry:

·         Utilizes renewable energy for its lab-grown diamond production.

·         Known for its innovation in diamond growing technology.


Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping, the personalized service of local jewelers, or the curated collections of specialized boutiques, these top 10 resources cater to a variety of preferences. Riddhi Corporation LLP stands out as a reliable source for HPHT lab-grown diamonds, ensuring not only quality but also a commitment to sustainability. Explore these resources to make an informed and ethical choice when purchasing your lab-grown diamond, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible diamond industry.

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