Tips to Win at PriceBenders Auctions

by Andy Anderson Owner Yuma Bloggers
Having won my share of auctions and lost a share too I have developed a list of good habits that allow me to win PriceBenders auctions on a regular basis.

My PriceBenders Auctions at TripleClicks Tips.
  • The most popular pack of t-credits is the 125 pack available to SFI Affiliates or the 200pack available to the public. Be sure to remember this before going head to head with anyone as more t-credits may be needed if a sound strategy doesn't work.
  • Watch an auction for something you want and wait until bidding slows to a crawl with only 1-3 players left.
  • Be aggressive when you start bidding. Use Bid Assist with 50-75 t-credits or bid manually as if you had bid assist on. This will lead the other players to believe you have a large quantity of t-credits and their cost are going to go up. That causes many to give up on winning leading you to more low cost wins at TripleClicks
  • The best starting strategy is not to go after physical products until you have won auctions for additional t-credits. If you buy the 200 pack of t-credits try using 100 to 150 of the t-credits to win and auction for 200 or more t-credits. If you can turn 100 t-credits into 200 t-credits you will now have 300 t-credits and each t-credit will be worth less than the $29 you paid for each of the original 200. Do this until you have 500-1000 t-credits and your cost per bid comes down to under 10 cents a bid.
  • Watch your cost. If you plan to flip and item you need to get it for not more than half the price of retail for the product. TripleClicks final selling price is guaranteed to be no more than 23% of product retail but you have to count in your bids and they add up fast. Say you buy the 200 pk and bid 100 times to win it will cost you $29 plus the final bid price. On a $100 item this comes to $23 final item cost and $29 bid cost for $52 spent. Follow the plan to reduce cost above and you would pay 10 cents a bid making your cost for a 100 bid win at auction $33 or less adding $19 to your profits. this goes a long way towards paying listing fees or web store cost, or for that matter just a sale percentage like is charged at TripleClicks. If the auction goes off before the bid reaches the 23% cap you will save even more and that's always awesome.
  • You may not like the items up for bid but for most auctions not containing t-credits you can use Your Choice to select a gift card from places like favorite restaurants, target stores, movie theaters and more that will help you buy things for resale, resale the cards for profit, or even use those cards to build your e-mail list by offering one for a prize each month to a random subscriber.
  • TripleClicks now allows you to win Amazon Gift Cards of up to $300 at auction. I saw one go off the other night for the maximum final selling prive of $69 with over 9,000 bids. If you followed the 10 cent bids formula and bid 500 times to win that auction you would have received a $300 gift card for around $73 total. Use it to buy merchandise at Amazon and resell on TripleClicks and you could earn up to $227 profits.
Additional things to know about PriceBenders Auctions at TripleClicks

PriceBenders Auctions at TripleClicks are what is known as a penny auction meaning every bid raises the final price by 1 cent. With cost of bids at 29 cents each
an auction can make a considerable level of revenue very fast. By following these tips and playing Eager Zebra Games at TripleClicks to earn free t-credits TC brings the average to around 14-18 cents a bid they earn. 1000 bids per 10.00 of final selling price is around $14 to $18 of earnings for TripleClicks before adding in the $10 of the selling price. For this matter don't feel too guilty when an auction win comes fairly low because high bid auctions like Double MRP and Winner Bids Free go off the company could make 200% or more on the cost of goods even after paying affiliates and buying products to sell.

Another great way to play the auctions is to invest with them. I have won Silver packs both sizes in the past and paid a fraction of the cost of the 50-100 t-credits they came with leaving me Silver Investment Bars at 1oz. of .999 pure silver totally free. I got behind on a internet bill one time last year and paid it off using silver bars by taking them to a local Gold and Silver exchange. That kept my business running at a time I couldn't work it because of bad pneumonia. Others used theirs for car payments and down payments, to pay off some debts, and to open savings accounts.

The possibilities are endless.
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