Tips to Save Money Using Coupons

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Did you know that you can not only save with coupons when you buy food, but also in clothes, entertainment, health, education and others? I started shopping with coupons in most of my purchases several years of saving money are already being reflected in my savings account. I have been surprised at everything I gathered in these years and I have asked myself several times “how did I not start before?” But the truth is that I did not know where to start and little by little I learned with practice. Now that I have become an expert I want to share my advice to guide you to use coupons in your purchases efficiently.

Now that I have become an expert I want to share my advice to guide you to use coupons in your purchases efficiently:

  • ·      Treat coupons as cash, but keep in mind that coupons have an expiration date. But that does not mean you have to use all coupons just because they are close to the expiration date.
  • ·        Not only can you use coupons in supermarkets. Coupons are accepted in several stores of different items, such as pharmacies, office products stores, restaurants, department stores and other services.
  • ·        Start couponing little by little. I recommend starting with coupons to get free products. You can find coupons for free products in Sunday's newspapers, on the Facebook pages of your favorite brands and / or by writing to the customer service of your favorite products. Little by little you will learn, as the saying goes: "Practice makes perfect."
  • ·        Make a list of the products and brands most used by your family and then look for the coupons that you can use in conjunction with them. Not the other way around.
  • ·        Do not buy products that you know you will never use. Don't make excuses like you're going to donate or give them away. Keep in mind that you are paying taxes on the total product anyway.
  • ·        Use your smartphone (smartphone) and add digital coupons to your loyalty cards from your favorite stores.
  • ·        Weekly pharmacies begin on Sunday and end the following Saturday. Offers in many supermarkets begin on Wednesday and terminal the following Tuesday. Consider the calendar to plan your purchases.
  • ·        Decide how much time you spend on organizing and preparing your purchases with coupons. It takes me 1 to 2 hours a week. So also keep in mind that your time is money.
  • ·        So you can see a real impact of the use of coupons I recommend depositing the money you did not spend in another bank account or a piggy bank so that at the end of the month you see the money saved. You can also buy with a prepaid card and thus do not spend more than the account or get into debt.

In my personal experience I have saved from 40% to 90% discount couponing, but in some cases you can save up to 100% but with more practice. Do not delay in starting, follow to start using the coupons and delight yourself with the fruits of your savings.

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