Tips to Prevent Liposuction Scars Post Surgery

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Liposuction procedure is very effective in getting rid of excess fat and skin. But, keep in mind this is not weight loss treatment as it helps in improving the appearance. Also, you must take proper care after the surgery. In this guide, we have shared tips to prevent liposuction scar after surgery.

Liposuction treatment is helpful in getting rid of the unwanted fat and skin which does not respond to the diet & exercise. No doubt, choosing the best cosmetic surgeon helps in giving the results which you are looking for. But, to see the effective results you need to take care of yourself properly.
During the liposuction surgery, the localized deposit of fat is removed which can be from small to moderate. The fat is removed by inserting a cannula through incisions which are made in the body. The cannula is moved to loose the fat and with the cannula-attached syringe, the fat is suctioned out.
It works best for making the skin tight and eliminating the saggy skin. After the surgery, the treated area will be slim and contoured. Here we have shared the guide, to take care of yourself after the surgery.

What does the post-surgery care kit should have?
Before the surgery, you should have certain things so that the post-recovery goes smoothly:
  1. Comfortable, loose clothing
  2. Dark towels to sit on to absorb any leaking fluids
  3. Bottled water
  4. Soda crackers for nausea
  5. Pain medication
  6. Pillows to rest on

First 72 hours after surgery
For the first 24 to 72 hours, it is very normal that bloody fluid will drain the sheets and clothes. Before liposuction fluid is put into the problematic area so that fat is removed safely.
You need to wear a compression garment all the time except when you take the shower. Wearing the compression garment helps the swelling to reduce and the recovery process gets fast. You should wear it till the time your surgeon advises you to.
To prevent the risk of blood clot you should move every 2 hours. This way swelling will be reduced and fluids will move in the body.
It is allowed to shower after 24 hours. But, sometimes you need to wear the compression garment for 5 days and then take a shower. While taking shower you should not scrub. Gently clean the area with a towel.

Taking care of the Incisions
According to your surgeon’s instruction, you should remove the outer dressings and mostly it is after 24 to 72 hours. The incisions will be closed with stitches or they are left open. If over the incisions there are tapes then allow them to fall off on their own or your surgeon might remove them. You need to wear loose clothes so that the incision site does not get irritated.

Normal Situation
After the surgery, mild bruising and swelling are normal which will subside within 10 to 21 days. You will be able to notice an improvement in the body contour. It will take around 3 to 4 months to see the desired results. But you should carefully check the infected site for any type of infection.
For any question, you should book your appointment with our surgeon as they are well-known for giving the suitable treatment plan which will work for you and also tell you about liposuction cost.

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