Tips for Using Microwave Oven

by Lisa Tracee Manager

Pakistani love making food! Cooking in the microwave is another ease people enjoy nowadays. However, we cannot cook every type of food in the microwave. Still, it is of utmost importance in the kitchen these days. Best microwave ovens in Pakistan make cooking fun and ease the lifestyle of many people. Yet, the appliance can be a safety threat as well, so users should handle it with care and great caution. In this article, we will list down some safety tips for using microwave ovens in homes.   

Tips for using Microwave Ovens 

  1. Use Microwave safe cookware Containers

Whether you are making food or re-heating your food, do not use traditional metal cookware containers or aluminum foils for this purpose. The reason is that microwaves in appliances reflect off these materials, causing food to become toxic and possibly burning your microwave oven.

Also, you cannot make use of plastic containers, as the heat of the microwave will cause it to melt. For safe use, you can use glass and ceramics containers in microwaves. 

  1. Follow the Manufacturer's Instruction on the User Manual

The manufacturer's instructions are on the user manual after a lot of testing and experiments. It is always a better option to go through the instructions once before using the appliance. For example, it contains instructions such as the following.

i. Do not run an empty microwave oven. As there is nothing inside to absorb the microwaves, it will possibly damage the appliance. 

ii. Do not heat liquids or try recipes that require a lot of water. The reason is that microwaves cannot heat or cook at the same speed as a stove. 

  1. Do not Wash Your Microwave with plenty of Water

Regular cleaning of microwaves is essential to ensure the safety of the food you are reheating or cooking. Many people prefer using a lot of water to clean the inside of the microwave ovens, which can damage your electrical appliance. As for cleaning the inside of the microwave, we recommend you to use wet tissue and soap, or the other option is to use vinegar and lemon to clean the inside surface and then finally wipe it up with the water-soaked cloth. 

  1. Regularly Check for Leakage

Microwaves can be dangerous for human beings. To ensure the safety of yourself and your family members using a microwave oven, you should regularly check for any leakage in the appliances. If you feel that the doors do not close firmly or seals are broken, then avoid using the microwave for that time and get repairs.

Final Thoughts

As you know that a microwave oven is a useful kitchen appliance, one should not miss buying it for daily use. But the user should use it with care and caution. 

In case you still do not have a microwave oven, you will surely love to check out the best microwave oven prices in Pakistan. These prices will help you to choose the right microwave oven for your home, depending upon your budget.

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