Expert Tips to Use the Best Microwave Oven Safely

by Jennifer Winget k2appliances

Did you know? Owning the best microwave oven can lower your kitchen stress levels to a whopping 60%!

Well, 60 because it cannot do all the chopping and grinding work but mainly because it can help you keep the smiles on the faces of your family members. 

Not just by producing a cool dish every day but by being able to make those restaurant dishes that no one thought could be prepared at home!

But with fun, comes safety. 

If you are not cautious while operating machines like these, not only will it degrade the service life of the appliance much quicker but also pose a threat to your personal safety.

Incidents of burns, injuries from radiation, although rare, but can be experienced in cases of improper maintenance. 

best microwave oven

As per the U.S food and drug administration, best microwave brands must meet the safety performance standards as enforced by the FDA for public safety.

To ward off any doubts that are coming to your mind after reading this, microwaves are generally very safe when used correctly. 

And almost everything in this world works out the same way, if not taken care of properly.

Therefore, to make the most of your appliance, follow these tips below and maintain it for a longer, safer, happy-food journey.

Common Injuries and Risks from the Best Microwave Oven

Most microwave-related injuries are not so injurious. They are basically heat-related burns from hot dishes, containers, and overheated foods.

As said, there are very rare cases of injury due to radiation and that too, due to very unusual circumstances or servicing issues.

Mostly, these radiation injuries are caused due to exposure to a great amount of microwaves that may or may not be leaked through the gaps or openings in the oven’s seals.

However, FDA makes sure that these high-level radiation leaks are seen to, and are made to comply with the safety standards.

Safety Tips

Use Microwave Safe Containers

Use microwave-safe bowls or plates for heating or cooking food in the oven. You must definitely avoid putting aluminum foil and metal pans into even the best microwave ovens as they reflect the rays and cause damage to the oven. 

Also, avoid using plastic containers are they can melt.

The FDA recommended materials are, ceramic, glass and, microwave-safe plastics.

Follow the Instructions

For best results, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not skip reading the user manual for whatsoever reason.

Some of the most common ones are:

Don’t use the oven when empty and don’t heat liquids longer than a recommended slot of time.

Check for Leakages

Keep checking for leakages from the latch, door hinges and, seals and look for excessive microwave radiation. 

If any of the above-stated areas are found to be problematic, consult a professional immediately.

Also, special attention should be paid to closing even the best microwave brand’s door properly. If it gets stuck, bent or warped, replace it.

Keep the Door Shut

Most of the reports that stated an issue or damage due to microwave rays were known to be caused by the functioning of the device while the door is open, as per the FDA reports.

So if you have a damaged oven door or even a slightly hampered oven door, it is recommended to stop using it. At least until the issue is fixed.

Super Heater Water = Super No No

There have been a lot of incidents of scalding injuries and skin burns due to this phenomenon.

If you are heating water or any other liquid in any of the top 10 microwave ovens in India, make sure you don’t heat it beyond its boiling point.

At the time, the liquid looks normal, without any signs of boiling and even a slight movement or disturbance to the dish can cause the water to burst violently.

Pro Tip: Adding other ingredients like sugar or coffee to the water before heating it, can greatly reduce the risk of this phenomenon.

But make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions anyways.


Microwave ovens are a considerably very safe devices. However, taking care of all such electronic devices doesn’t really hurt and also promotes a great service life.

Although, if you are seeing any of the above signs in your routine oven-time, stop doing them immediately or get them checked ASAP.

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