Tips For Serving Moscato Wine

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With a distinctive sweetness, Moscato wine is an acclaimed white wine derived from the Muscat grape. Thought to be one of the oldest varieties in existence, with some tracing it back to Ancient Egypt, this grape has been cultivated all over the world for multiple white wine bottles, from Australia and France to South America. Typically featuring a lower alcohol content than many other types of white wine grapes, it's often served as a delightful post-dinner wine.

Originating from Italy, Moscato wine can be found in many different places throughout the world, such as California and Australia. But if you want to buy white wine online, consider that Germany labels Moscato wine as Muskateller, and Spain names it Moscatel.

How To Store Moscato Wine

Contrary to popular belief, white wines are just as capable of long-term aging as red. Though their tannin content may be low or nonexistent, white wine bottles can still hold up well over time due to the presence of other key components like acidity.

Temperature is key when it comes to storing Moscato wine. The experts suggest a maturation rate at around 13-15°C(55-60°F), but in addition to this, the white wine bottle must be stored horizontally. This helps keep the cork moistened and intact, preventing any excess oxygen contact that could occur if it was dried out or shrank. To further preserve the quality of the white wine, it should be kept in a dark area. This is why you should pay attention to the storage conditions of stores when you want to order wine online.

How to Serve Moscato Wine

Properly chilling the wine is a critical component to heighten the flavor and appreciation of its fullness. An error commonly made with white wines is that they are too cold; temperatures below optimal can leave them lacking depth, taste, and aromas. So still Muskateller should be served at around 12°C (54°F), sparkling ones could be between 5-7°C (41° to 45°F and fortified ones should be served at 15°C (60°F).

The act of decanting is vital to fully experience a white wine's flavor. Aerating the white wine bottle with just the right amount can significantly elevate its taste. On the other hand, if one is handling light wines such as Moscato, extra care should be taken because too much oxygenation will make them taste dull and may even result in vinegar-like odors due to oxidation.

We need to remember that swirling the glass is the way of aerating and the safe side compared to big decanters. This is why light Moscato wines shouldn't be swirled in the glass so much to keep their fresh aromas. The ideal time for aeration can be determined by gradually sampling it at regular intervals until its flavors are enhanced; a timeframe of 15-30 minutes is usually recommended.

Dishes To Pair Moscato Wine With

The dishes you are going to pair need to be considered before you decide to buy white wine online. Moscato wine pairs well with a long list of main dishes, and appetizers. It also pairs deliciously with an array of spices and herbs from around the world. When serving it as an appetizer, opt for something light like nuts. When it comes to main dishes, bear in mind that Moscato wine is a delicate and fresh wine. Hence, lighter dishes such as fish, chicken, and roasted pork can make for the perfect accompaniment. For an after-dinner drink, pair this wine with a selection of fruit, cheese, or other sweet treats.

How Many Calories Per Serving of a Moscato Wine

When you want to buy wine, you will see that the Moscato white wines encompass dry, still too high-alcohol, and sparkling varieties. As such, the calorie content can vary significantly; however, if one considers that most Moscato wines possess a 12% alcohol content and are semi-dry, then it is safe to estimate an average of 100-110 calories per standard 5oz glass (150ml). When you want to order wine online, consider the size because a single bottle generally amounts to five servings.

To purchase the perfect white wine, you must order wine online carefully. Because Moscato wine can be still or sparkling or fortified and each region from Italy to France produces a unique Moscato wine with different characteristics. If you are looking for a still Moscato white wine, look for a white wine bottle that is labeled “Moscato d’Asti” or for a sparkling wine look for Asti Spumante.

Moscato wine is a popular choice for many occasions. To get the best selection of Moscato wine, be sure to buy white wine online from a reputable retailer.

You can get more detailed information about Moscato wine, from its characteristic to its history, check our blog “Guide to Moscato”.

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