Thread Lift May Be The New-Age Facelift No One Told You About

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God, facelifts are so passé! About a decade or so ago, Gwyneth Paltrow, known as much for her dubious fashion choices as for her movie picks, dropped a bombshell on the high-fashion world: she endorsed the then-controversial ‘thread lift’. While facelifts are conventional enough to have lived by their expiry dates, thread lifts are more recent.

It is hardly surprising that icons like Madonna have gone for this procedure. No more mists of controversy surround thread lift procedures presently. It is a scientifically validated cosmetic procedure, and fashion gurus must say sorry to the Goop (Gwyneth!) for having ever doubted her.

A modern-day facelift is precisely what a thread lift is not, however. It goes beyond that and actually serves its purpose as a minimally invasive surgical procedure for cosmetic enhancements. This blog will, however, not go into the serpentine depths of a complicated surgical procedure.

Instead, it will focus on why the sudden maddening demand for thread lifts. After all, such cosmetic procedures are also a reflection of our society and how looking good has become an industry.

Technological wizardry at work

Listen, when thread lifts first entered the mainstream cosmetic augmentation market, it was not acceptable. The process included non-absorbable threads which needed anchoring into the skin to pull it tight. It made the jawline more pronounced and was the gold standard of facelifts. However, it was not technologically suited for most clients.

Voila. This is where the surgical whiz-kids of the cosmetic industry came into play. Not only are the threads absorbable, the entire process hardly bears any semblance to surgery as we imagine it. Small wonder that the process became more popular in the late 1990s.

Melissa Smith, of Doft Plastic Surgery in NYC, says that this is what has led more famous celebs to opt for this treatment. The ease, the caress-like structure post-session, the great and long lasting results. Now, the FDA also approves of thread lift technologies. It means that the next time you opt for thread lift Nottingham, you know that you are undergoing a procedure that is medically viable.

Start saving up now...

A brief word on the monetary costs involved. Thread lifts are substantially more expensive than traditional facelifts. One reason is that it is still technically a disruptive technology, the new kid on the block. The second reason is that the process is more complicated than older comparable technologies.

So, brace yourself for a handsome bill. This is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill procedure like lip fillers in Nottingham if you catch our drift.

Whenever you notice even the slightest signs of ageing skin, e.g. crow’s feet, fine wrinkles, sagginess- remember that thread lift procedures, while common, are still pretty complicated. It is not every surgeon’s daydream come true.

Make sure that you employ the efforts of a superbly talented team, one that is found at Medical Cosmetics. They are well-known for a wide range of cosmetic products. They can do justice to such a complicated, and yet extremely productive, method.

PS: Thank you once again, Gwyneth. Hope you have a good 2019.

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