Why Thread Lift is Gaining Rapid Popularity in Britain

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There are some universal signs of ageing, with drooping cheeks, jowl formation, prominence of the nasolabial fold and ptotic brow, being the most common ones. It is common for ageing people to be at a psychological disadvantage because of these adverse effects of age on their facial features. The problem amplifies further because of hyperpigmentation and wrinkled skin.

An increasing number of people are seeking cosmetic procedures to remedy these issues. A record 28,315 people opted for cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK in 2017. The number is likely to increase further with more effective methods coming to the fore in recent times. One such method is the thread lift. It has gained massive acceptance in the UK in the past few years because of its various advantages over traditional facelift procedures.

Thread Lift Vs Other Facelift Procedures

For years, there has been avoid in the facelift segment of cosmetic enhancements. On one end of the spectrum, there are injectables. On the other end, there is invasive facelift surgery. Thread lift has come up as better than both of these on every aspect minus their inherent shortcomings.

A thread lifts procedure ‘lifts’ one’s facial skin by applying sutures beneath the tissues. As opposed to a facelift surgery where loose skin is removed surgically, a thread lift suspends the skin by essentially stitching up specific portions of the skin. Generally, a bio-compatible ‘thread’ is used during the procedure which dissolves in the body after achieving its purpose.

Advantages of Thread Lift

Thread lift is gaining mass recognition as the most preferred form of facelift because of its numerous benefits.

·         The most obvious advantage, of course, is the result it has on one’s facial structure. It allows for a redefined facial contour with firm and rejuvenated skin.

·         There are no side-effects as the threads used in this procedure are bio-compatible. Our body absorbs these threads over time. They are metabolised into CO2 and water within the body.

·         Its effects are readily visible. Unlike injectables, which take between 6 to 8 weeks for showing the best results, the impact of thread lift is noticeable immediately after the procedure.

·         It requires a minimal recovery period. The patient should be up and running within the next 2 days of undergoing this surgery.

·         Unlike other facelift surgeries, it is minimally invasive. A surgeon will make a tiny incision on the concerned area and perform this procedure.

·         It is almost pain-free. Most of the time, surgeons do not even have to use anaesthetics.

·         It is quick and generally more affordable. A thread lift procedure costs somewhere around £400 as opposed to traditional facelift which may cost upwards of £1000.

·         It can be combined with other procedures like dermal filling and Botox Nottingham for a more defined look.

Is it for you?

An ideal candidate for thread lift is someone who is between 30 and 55 years of age and wants to regain their facial firmness through non-invasive procedures. For older people, a complete facelift is a more viable option.

If you fall in that category, visit dependable cosmetic clinics like Medical Cosmetics for a thread lift in Nottingham. Their surgeons are some of the best in the business and also perform cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers, Botox surgeries, VASER, etc.

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