The Wind Beneath Your Wings: Why You Should Consider HVAC Jobs

by Sarah Williams Blogger, writer

HVAC technicians will always be needed. Even as technology gets better, we still need people that can fix the problems. HVAC jobs are decent paying, as well.

It's time you discover what 324,310 HVAC installers already know. HVAC jobs offer technicians a whole host of benefits. 

If you are looking for a new career, it's time you consider becoming an HVAC technician. Keep reading to learn about all of the benefits you will experience when starting your new career as an HVAC technician. 

Short Training Time 

When you decide to attend a traditional university or college degree program, you commit yourself to a minimum of four years. That's four years you aren't out in the workforce earning money or progressing in a career.

By comparison, HVAC training programs are significantly shorter. Some only require a 7-month commitment. Quality training programs will teach you HVAC functions, processes, and tasks such as: 

  • Routine equipment maintenance 
  • Troubleshooting problems 
  • Repairs 
  • New equipment installation 

Rapid Job Growth 

As an HVAC technician, you will experience fast career growth than people in other industries. If you know your own potential and want to have a successful career, then when you consider these reasons, an HVAC career is a smart choice. 

If you happen to be in the state of California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, or Texas, then you are really in luck. These states are experiencing even more significant growth than the rest of the country. 

They have the highest level of employment in the HVAC industry, and in some places, there is a shortage. 

No Outsourcing

Unlike other industries, you never have to worry about your job getting outsourced to another country. The sheer nature of the job makes it impossible to outsource to another country for cheap labor. 

Someone thousands of miles away can't troubleshoot the HVAC system in someone's home. When there is no outsourcing, you have job security. 

Active Work 

HVAC systems require regular maintenance and repairs. It's also something that people can't ignore when it breaks down. They can try, but rapidly rising temperatures will make it increasingly more unpleasant. 

Because of this, you can have confidence that even when there is a recession, you will still have work. 

Physically Active 

Prepare to get in shape! HVAC technicians are known for having a physically demanding job. You could be inside or outside. You will have to walk, climb, lift, and be in generally good shape. 

By staying physically active, you can maintain a healthy weight easier. You'll also have some other health benefits: 

  • Reduced risk of cancer 
  • Reduced risk of heart disease 
  • Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes 

Start Preparing for HVAC jobs

If you are looking for a new career, HVAC jobs might be right up your alley. These jobs have you active both physically every day and in your career growth. 

You'll be able to get started in your new career quickly thanks to the shorter training time. Then once in your career, you can have confidence that your job is secure. 

Get ready for your new career by learning how to help HVAC consumers to make more efficient choices.


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