The various advantages of using solar bore pumps

by Eric Dean Water Treatment Perth

Solar energy has made a huge impact on the technological aspect as lots of new innovations and discoveries are made to replace the traditional systems. Producing electricity from solar energy is its main concept, which has been quite successful over the years. Similar to solar panels producing dc current, solar water pumps have also been of great use. Solar bore pumps have been a catch in Perth, Australia. Australia is one of those few countries which utilize solar energy to the fullest. These solar bore pumps are fitted with solar panels which generates photovoltaic current to pump up water.

Solar bore pumps – pump water to high level

They can pump water from a distance of 250m more or less below ground level. These pumps comes coupled with a controller that allows pumping during limited light conditions like rain, cloudy or early mornings or late evenings. Due to the advantage that they can pump water to high levels, these pumps are suitable for water transfer like dam to storage tanks, storage tanks to header tanks etc. There are centrifugal or helical rotorto diaphragm pumps which basically serve the same purpose.

Uses of water pumps

Water pumped is normally used for feeding livestock, garden fountain, landscaping or other irrigation setups. Solar bore pumps have basically 3 components: solar panels, the pump and the controller. The panels constitute to about 80% of the cost and add significant importance to the pump. The controllers also have a duel mechanism which turns the system off if very low or high voltages are generated. This helps in further efficiency and longer lifespan. Solar bore pumps are more eco-friendly than diesel run water pumps and this helps maintain a clean environment for surroundings near the pump like agriculture and livestock.

Solar panel replacements

Many times it so happens that individuals avoid using solar power owing to the facts, like high expenses and solar panel replacements. But, in actual these are just myths that you should avoid. Of course, there is a good amount that needs to be invested initially, but from the long term aspect you can ensure saving of money. There is no need of any monthly maintenance and completely hassle free. There are many companies that offer free servicing for the benefits of the users. Replacement of parts is not required and if any replacement is required during the guarantee period, then the company can do it at their own expenses. Solar power is one of the best ways to save your environment. You can browse online to know more about the costing for installation of solar panels.

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Being an environmental and social expert, Binoy Thomas has written plenty about having a safer, greener and clean ecosystem that helps generations enjoy resources. Solar bore pumps Perth is one of its kinds. It works on solar power, therefore, saving electricity. He has mentioned about the various applications of this pump for the benefit of the readers. The author has also mentioned in details about the Solar panel replacements.

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