The tragic fate of owners of millions of jackpots

by Ella Willson Gambling
Who has not dreamed of winning a round sum?  Such enticing thoughts from time to time visited almost any inhabitant of the planet.  But a large cash gain does not guarantee a happy and peaceful life.

 Do not envy those rare lucky, who smiled luck.  Not always the prize guarantees a happy existence.  Sometimes winning the lottery leads to a tragic finale, as evidenced by the life stories of some lucky people from the United States.

 A tragic story with a $ 1 million jackpot poisoning
 Uruzh Khan was engaged in entrepreneurial activity in Chicago.  Earned money was enough to maintain the average standard of living in America, but the man wanted more.  A businessman regularly bought lottery tickets until one of them turned out to be happy.  In June 2012, a citizen with an exotic surname removed the protective coating from the receipt and realized that he now owns $ 1 million.

 For a long time I did not have to enjoy the wealth of Friends  Just a month later, he died due to cyanide poisoning.  The police intervened and opened the murder case.  At the end of 2013, Khan’s condition was divided between relatives.  Money and commercial real estate went to the widow and daughter of the deceased.

Big wins that changed lives

 The deceased's wife was named Hannah Ansari, and her law enforcement officers were also suspected of what had happened.  Since no significant evidence was found, the police had to leave her alone.  A woman’s lawyer told reporters that her client knew the cause of her husband’s death, but she has no idea how this could happen.

 Now the widow continues to be engaged in business which got from the husband.  According to her, she copes with affairs even better than the deceased.

 Winner of $ 30 million killed by a friend
 Abraham Shakespeare, enjoyed the serene life in Florida, until in 2006 he won $ 30 million.  The gentleman’s existence for 36 months lasted until a statement was received from his relatives about his disappearance.  At that time he was 42 years old.  The decayed body with signs of violent death was discovered only in January 2010.

 The investigation showed that the murder was committed by the young lady Dorris "Dee Dee" Moore.  With her man brought fate after he became a millionaire.  The lady freely disposed of a portion of the remaining Ebraham money.  According to the assurances of relatives, the deceased did not deny anyone any financial assistance, and shared with relatives, friends and relatives.  Against this background, the act of a woman looks especially terrible.

Kill for big win

 Dorris forced the gentleman to transfer $ 1.3 million to her account, and also delegate her ownership of the cottage.  After that, the fatal beauty killed the partner, and the body was buried in Plant Courtyard’s own yard.  In 2012, the investigation of the case was completed, the lady received a life sentence in prison.  At the time of death, Shakespeare had only $ 14,000 in the account.

 The terrible finals of the owner of $ 34 million
 It is difficult to cope with even a healthy psyche with a state that suddenly fell on its head.  What to say about people who initially have a weak character.  In 2000, Mac W. Metcalf and his wife Virginia won $ 34,000,000 at the casino.

 Wealth did not go for the future of this pair.  After the win, the husband and wife went into all grave, addicted to alcohol and drugs.  They bought two luxurious mansions and settled separately.  Money was spent without an account, passions were seething with serious, every whim was satisfied immediately.

Big win that broke life

 The final of the story was very sad.  Metcalf got a menagerie with exotic animals.  The lady settled hundreds of stray cats in her estate.  The feast of the mountain did not last long.  Three years after winning a man died.  Doctors ascertained death due to complications caused by excessive drinking.  The young lady stretched a little longer.  Her body was found in her own house in 2005.  The cause of death of a 51-year-old person was an overdose of narcotic drugs.

 Popcorn Shop and $ 20 Million
 In 2006Victoria Jackson, who lives in Florida, was accused of killing the spouse of a relative.  Her sister was married to Jeffrey Dampier, who took the big jackpot in a gambling club in the amount of $ 20,000,000.  Mr. long wanted to open a shop of popcorn, so that the funds received allowed to realize our plans.

 The attacker invited the owner of a huge state in the apartment, wanting to rob him.  She was helped by her boyfriend Nathaniel Jackson, with whom they tied up the shopkeeper and moved to a car, then drove off in an unknown direction.  Reaching a secluded place, they unloaded Jeffrey from the car.  Victoria personally shot a man in the head.

Killing geoffrey dumpier

 The investigation was able to establish that before Jackson and Dhampira had an intimate relationship.  The newly-born millionaire maintained a romantic relationship with the criminal, often giving her expensive gifts.  The young lady’s lawyer said that a jealous boyfriend had inclined her to the crime.

 $ 13 million and tax crash
 Spouses Alex and Rod Tott experienced serious financial difficulties when in 1990 they were lucky.  They bought a Florida Lotto lottery ticket and won $ 13 million.  Until 2010, their accounts each year received an amount of $ 666 thousand.  But this money did not bring happiness.

 Husband and wife quarreled regularly, rewarding each other with reproaches and complaints.  In the family showdown, even the son and girlfriend took part.  Soon came the problems with the tax authorities - lucky people were accused of not paying the fee.

Quarrels over a big win

 Kind of lamented that wealth did not bring happiness.  Because of the money, they only quarreled, lost friends, broke off communication with many relatives.  The woman told reporters that she would gladly have refused to win.

 This edifying story was reprinted by many American publications.  Let these cases serve as a lesson to all who believe that a state that suddenly collapsed on its head at the moment will solve all their questions.

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