The Traditional Dress Lehenga Has Always Been Associated With Marriage

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The Indian traditional dress lehenga has always been a great inspiration to women. It is fashionable and provides freedom from being dowdy.

Also it is a fashion that offers the liberty to set the mood for many other things such as wedding, henna art, casual dress, or party. Thus there are many uses for Indian traditional dress lehenga. It is only a little trouble to combine two complementary or contrasting elements to make something completely new.

Indian traditional dress lehenga is usually one, long garment. This garment is wrapped around the waist and up the back and the sleeves are often joined to one another and to the top of the waist.

Indian traditional dress lehenga is made from cloth, the only way to make it tight enough is to wrap the loose layers around each other. The women's loose fit lehenga is a great accent to a formal occasion. Usually a woman's gown gets too long to carry out regular activities such as going to the store or commuting to work. With a lehenga draped across the shoulders there is no interruption in carrying on activities.

The material that is used for the Indian traditional dress lehenga is wool because it is soft and easy to use. Silk lehenga might be better for more complex outfits but the flexibility of wool is the main reason to select it.

The versatile nature of this garment is its main reason to be used for formal or perfect wedding dress. Its long and loose pattern is more suited to the formal occasion than the formal dress or even the formal day dress. With it on one's shoulders, one is free to move around freely without worrying about its being too heavy. With the heavy fabric that is used it is easy to maintain and as soon as you wash the dress you can put it on again to be ready for another day of work or shopping.

The lehenga was made for women who want to be more independent than they were in the past. It is a tradition that they have always had, but now the tradition of it is re-enacted through fashion. In the ancient times a lehenga was often worn by upper class women only because they were considered the upper class.

The traditional dress lehenga has always been associated with marriage and is also an icon of a woman's purity. It symbolizes her bravery and strength and it has always been worn by royalty.

During the Indian period the ritual of a man taking a woman as his wife was not taken for granted. A woman had to be chosen well. Her family had to give her a lovely and new gown and be sure she is able to be covered up as a queen bride.

Another reason why the Indian traditional dress lehenga has become a fashion icon is that the less material is used the better it looks. It is used more in the winter months when the temperatures are cold and it is ideal to wear. Then during the summer it is ideal to wear it when it is hot and dry.

Indian traditional dress lehenga is the most famous type of the lehenga due to its versatility. It is available in many different patterns, colors and fabrics. It is not necessary to buy expensive Indian traditional dress lehenga to have a stylish outfit.

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