The status of Mother in Islam

by Ady Grewal Content writer
No doubt, Islam strictly orders to give the rights of women rather than other religions in the world. As for as, the mother was concerned, so she has tremendous significance in the world of Islam. Mother plays an important role in the life of a child from birth to youth. She fights with all the challenges she encounters in different stages. The first stage which is faced by the mother is obviously the nine-month whom she passes through the most critical situation. There is an apparent threat of death in this time period as millions of mother meet to death while giving the birth of a child. 

The greatest example of mother’s endeavor regarding the finding water is found in the Holy sanctuary of Mecca by Hagar that how she showed the utmost love for her son. Thus, Allah (SWT) so much liked the act of Hagar that it has become the compulsory ritual of pilgrimage in the form of running from Zamzam well to Safa and Marwa hills. Numbers of pilgrims through Ramadan Umrah packages UK is recalling the Sunnah of Hagar (AS) in the holy Kaaba. 

As the Holy Quran says about mother: “And We have enjoined upon man, to his parents, good conduct. His mother carried him with harsh conditions and gave birth to him with suffering, and his growth and halting [period] are thirty months. When he reaches adulthood and reaches forty years, he says, “My Lord, empower me to be obliged for Your duty which You have conferred upon me and upon my parents and to work justice of which You will favor and make righteous for me my descendants. Certainly, I have apologized to You, and truly, I am of the Muslims. (Quranic interpretation). The most obedient children are the cause to support the parents in older age, and today it is noticed that obedient sons are becoming cause by Reputable UK Hajj Umrah operators to perform Umrah their mothers. 

The Messenger of Almighty Allah great emphasized to serve the mother. Once a man asked Prophet “O Prophet of Allah (SWT) who is the deserving regarding companionship in my family members. So, Allah’s Apostle told that his mother is the first deserving regarding companionship. He again asked who would be after that. Prophet (SAW) again advised him about the mother. The man again asked who would be after that. Prophet of Allah (SWT) once more advised him about mother. Thus at the last time, the Messenger of Almighty advised him about the father. (Al-Bukhari) 

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