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Joined APSense since, April 4th, 2012, From city of GOD, Cameroon.
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Mercurial is a distributed version control software available on most Unix and Windows systems. Available for Microsoft Windows operating systems, Mac OS X, and most Unix-like operating systems, Mercurial is written mostly in Python. It was created to be used via command lines. All commands start with "hg" in reference to the chemical symbol for mercury. Its main features are2, including its speed and ability to manage large projects;
its use without requiring a server;
its fully distributed operation;
robustness in the management of ASCII and binary files;
advanced branching and merging its management;
its integrated web interface.
Mercurial uses a network protocol based on HTTP.

↑ Projects using Mercurial on the website of Mercurial.
↑ (in) Big code: Infrastructure Developer at Facebook's Scale
↑ (en) Mozilla Developer Center "Mercurial is software distributed version control that we use for the development of the next major version (" trunk "). He took the place of CVS after Mozilla 1.9 branch. "
↑ (in) Passage of the Mozilla CVS to Mercurial foundation.
↑ (in) The OpenJDK Developers' Guide: Repositories.
↑ (in) OpenJDK Build README.
↑ (in) switches to development Mercurial.
↑ (in) Email G. Van Rossum announcing the tilting of the Subversion project to Python Mercurial.

Downloads and mercurial install android

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Hi Akhtar, I have recommendation for you, good work. Keep it up

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Great to be here with your Pastor, may your enjoy the best of growing another business on the internet. Eric is an active, professional member of Apsense, Check out Eric's Articles and business opportunites

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I found Mr. Eric a good professional. And the product can be given a try.

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Eric is a super speed business manwith excellent services. Glad to be connected.

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I racommend Eric because I think that is a honest person and can help peoples in some interesting business online. Thanks!!!

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