The Need for Entrance Exams and How to Prepare for it

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Today, we are living in the era of a competitive world where resources are limited and the demand for it is infinite. There is a stiff competition in every sphere we look at; there is competition for travelling in railways and airways, competition for the best garment stores, competition to be selected as an employee of an organization, competition to be the best employee of an organization, competition to be the best child among a group of friends, competition to be the best nation of the world and many more. This competitive nature of the current world is understandable to a certain limit as everyone wants the best person to utilize the limited resource available. The educational sector is also not behind the influence of this competitive nature. Now-a-days all the big colleges around the world wants best candidates as the students, so that the name and fame along the legacy of the college continues to grow. Thus, we see that the general tendency of the collages in India as well as abroad is to conduct entrance examination before the admission of a candidate and along with all the previous accolades, passing of the an entrance test with the minimum cut off marks is the eligibility criteria for every student to get admission in a college. Therefore, let’s have a look at the necessity, advantages and disadvantages of entrance test for admission to colleges.

Majority of the entrance exams are mainly conducted at independent centres far away from colleges so that there is no sort of biasness or favouritism with regards to any particular student or students for any college. The question pattern of entrance examinations are built in such a way that it becomes a common and understandable pattern for all the applicants who are coming from different cultural, economic and social background. The standardized theme of questions makes it easier for students to prepare for the entrance as well as it becomes a clear cut measure for faculty members as well as college staffs to access the candidates ability to join their college as a student.

These entrance results are however very important and applicants should have a thorough preparation before attempting it. These entrance examinations are the ladders with which the students can get chance to study in their dream for their dream career and bright future. Thus, students should go through proper training and prepare themselves well as chances to apply for these entrance exams are also limited and most of them appear once in a year. Thus, if once you are not able to be qualified, you have to wait for another academic session to appear for it, which can sometimes lead to frustrations. Also if all the chances are lost, it means that a student is no longer eligible to appear the examinations. This would surely shatter the dreams and hopes of any student which will surely lead him/her to extreme form of depression. Thus instead of even thinking of going into depression, learn, train and educate well to crack the entrance exam at the very first try.

There are many ways to prepare for these ultimate entrance examinations. One of the most general ways of preparing is to go down to coaching centres and private tutors, as they are the ones who can provide with lots of insights and tips which are immensely helpful for students. One thing though, a student should keep in mind while going for coaching or private tutors is that they are the once who will give a student proper guidance to pass on an entrance exam but will not pass the test for them. It is the hard work and determination of a student that will enable him to go through the biggest entrance examination of their life. Apart from coaching centres and private tutors, students can avail educational counsellors, who can give them the best advice of what to pot for and what not. A student might be dreaming of a career which he/she is not capable to achieve. On the other hand, students may not be aware of some of the qualities they possess which can be a key required feature for career in another successful field. To figure out all these issues, it is best to go and take advice of an educational counsellor. Apart from all these, personal advice of some seniors who have previously appeared entrance examinations, of friend and families especially parents are always helpful to strategise the plan and schedule for preparing for an entrance test.

Conducting entrance examination among students is thus necessary to bring the best among students. Entrance exams also provide an opportunity for a single platform for all students to perform irrespective of their culture, religion and social background. Students who are fond of giving entrance exams; it literally becomes an addiction for them. An addiction to keep raising one’s educational level, by competing at higher levels of entrance tests to increase the never ending knowledge ladder.

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