The Main Reasons Behind Replacement of Balboa Spa Heaters

by Cedar Tubs Direct Spa Parts Supplier in Canada

Balboa spa heaters are the latest and innovatively designed heating systems available on the market. The most basic parts of a heater include the sensors, housing, white plastic heater nuts, and bulkhead nuts, and on the inside, the heater element. On the outside of the heater, housing will be the heater label that has useful information like the heater part number, serial number and other details.

The common problems with spa heaters

  • No heat emission
  • Minimum amount of heat
  • Dry fire
  • Corrosion
  • Power related problems or GFCI Circuit Tripping

Dry fire –

There are different reasons that your Balboa spa heater can fail. The most common problem is the dry fire. It is caused when the spa water flow is unable to reach and flow through the spa heater or when the heater is somehow switched on with either no water or little water inside the heater housing.

Either way, this leads to the element in the heater house to increase above a safe level and ultimately it fails, damaging the heater element. In this case, more often the signs are visible as the housing will be cracked, bulged, or spotted from heat. Therefore, the spa heater needs to be replaced.

No heat or minimized heat –

No heat or reduced heat is the common problems behind the replacement of spa heaters. Generally, no heat is a good indication that the heating coil inside the heating element has failed. You should make sure that heater is connected properly and the thermostat and the high limit switches are working effortlessly.

The reduced heat is more often caused by reduced water flow within the spa system. There are many factors that can greatly contribute to poor water flow, which cover problems with the filter, scale build-up on the heating element, poor chemical balance, or obstructions affecting water flow. Once the heating coil inside the element stops working, heater replacement is important.

Power related problems or GFCI circuit tripping –

These are often caused by heater failure which may be due to a short circuit from water intrusion or a breakdown in the protective epoxy seal of the sauna heater. In most circumstances, the water intrusion problems are caused by small pin holes that develop in the heater’s housing. It can be caused due to break down in the metal or braze points on the sauna heater.

When these types of problems occur, the electric current finds a way from the heating coil to the water and ultimately causes the GFCI to tripping. Heater replacement is necessary.

Improper installation –

The improper installation of a heater element into a spa heater can result in a heater failure and damage to the control system or circuit board or other damage to the space or the safety of the users of the spa. A simple scratch to the heater element can render the element unusable or cause the heater to work improperly, causing damage to the entire system.

The Perfect Solution –

The best course of action is to have a spa technician or industry-best professional to diagnose the problems and help you with the replacement with the Balboa spa heaters. Most technicians assure their work and will ensure that the problem is fixed.

This article is written by Cedar Tubs Direct, a premier and leading supplier and manufacturer of spa heating kits including Balboa spa heaters for sale. For more information about Balboa spa heaters visit us.

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