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by Mark Batham Internet Marketer
When it comes to buying jewellery the first step is to the find your perfect piece of jewellery that compliments your style and attitude. The next equally crucial step is to make sure that the piece fits you well. Be it earrings, rings, bracelets or necklace, the perfect piece of jewellery must fit perfectly too. Jewellery that fits well with your outfit, body type and face cut will flatter you even more.

A necklace might look like it can fit all, but the truth is just like the right fit of a ring is important, getting the right fit of your necklace is also extremely crucial. With the boom in online shopping, it is important that you know the right length of the necklace that is perfect for you. There are many charts and size guides available online but if you are new to online shopping space or find these guidelines difficult to understand or simply want to ensure the necklace you like is a perfect fit for you then these simplified facts and guidelines are for you.

Types of necklace lengths

When it comes to shopping necklaces the collection is vast and varied in brick-and-mortar shops or online. These jewellery designers and brands have a variety of necklaces to suit all or can customise whatever you want. The standard range of necklace lengths include the following. To keep it universal, the jewellery industry measures necklace lengths in inches, which are usually even numbers. The necklace lengths or styles and their standard measurement are these:

  • Collar: 14inch - This necklace style sits tightly around the neck and is called a collar length.
  • Choker: 16inch-  This one sits tightly against the base of your throat. It usually hugs your neck.
  • Princess: 18inch- This is most commonly purchased length of necklace which is also called the standard length. It sits on your collar bone.
  • Matinee: 20-24inch- This length is a bit longer and sits between the collarbone and the bust.
  • Opera: 28-36 inch- This length sits on the bust or an inch or two below.
  • Rope: 36-42 inch- This length depends on how you wish to wear your necklace if you wrap it then it sits on your bust and if you leave it open then it sits just below the centre of the bust.

How to measure

Now that you know the type of necklace length available and their standard measurement you can use a measuring tape, a ribbon or one of your own necklaces that has a similar measurement to know the exact length of your new purchase. If you have a wide neck you may need to go up an inch or so, or if you are tall then you will know exactly where the necklace will end.

Perfect necklines for your body type, outfits and face cuts

Our first guideline here is for very women to wear what she likes and how she likes. To mix and match and create new trends, to ditch the preachers and make her own style statement. But if you wish to know which necklace blends with what then, some suggestions are:

Face cuts

For a round and oval face cut, a matinee or an opera will elongate the face. Something like a rose gold pendant necklace will look great with this face cut.
For a square or oblong faced shape shorter styles work best. So, something like a collar or even a choker will look great on you.
A heart-shaped face can wear a choker or a princess that will make the soften angles of the face. You could go for one of the gold vermeils necklaces by Jewel Tree London.

Body type

A pear-shaped body can flaunt their body type best with a necklace that 18.-24inch. For an athletic frame, longer necklines can help create the perfect look- you could go an opera or a rope length. If your figure is hourglass, you can bank on a necklace that sits between your neck and the bust- like an urban or gold bar necklace. And if your body is an inverted triangle then you should go for longer necklaces that create the right magic for you.


A necklace’s style and its length play a very important role with the kind of outfit you are wearing. Choosing the right outfit with a complementing necklace length can do wonders to your look. Like a long chains and pendants blend beautifully with turtlenecks, a bib or a collar length for crew neck, shorter and spread out necklaces for scoop necks, Choker and collars for strapless tops and dresses, shorter and angular necklaces for square necks, a voluminous collar for off the shoulder, slim pendants with be a rose gold chain necklace on a halter can make heads turn, and a princess can go well with a V-neck. Similarly, a long necklace for a boat neck and short one for a collar and cowl neck makes you look perfect.

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