Trending reasons to opt for rose gold jewellery

by Mark Batham Internet Marketer
Timeless, luxurious, precious, stunning- these adjectives and more words of appreciations   are perfectly used to compliment and describe jewellery. It’s evergreen magic charms us all. Jewellery is not a mere accessory but something that becomes your personal style, your asset, your heirloom or a precious keepsake. Love for jewellery has not faded in any century, civilization or era- the only thing that changes is the trend.  Gold, silver or platinum and what’s trending warm glow of rose gold that has been magnificently ruling the jewels industry for several years now – and is still the most loved in 2020.

Jewellery crafted in the hues of rose gold is subtle yet distinct as it enhances the look of any piece of jewellery or a precious accessory. Rose gold is even popularly used in luxury watches, smart phones, ear phones, homeware, bags and more. The ever-increasing love for rose gold can be found in different styles of jewellery like rings, rose gold cuff bracelets, rose gold chokers, chains, pendants, rose gold necklaces and earrings.

Rose gold is comparatively a new trend in comparison to white and yellow gold. It is made from gold that is blended with copper and silver alloys to acquire the magical red coloured gold. The presence of copper gives this metal its appealing pinkish-red tone. This blend of metals makes rose gold a durable and sturdy metal for designing unique styles of jewellery. This also makes rose gold the perfect metal for jewellery for it to stay as it is for years and years, and the presence of copper makes it look very vintage and rich.


Rose gold compliments well with other colours and metals and therefore is often paired with yellow gold and platinum to create dual and tri-coloured pieces of jewellery. Many popular luxury and high street brands have created their signature masterpieces by putting together rose gold with other metals and gems. It is also a great metal that can hold and blend well with precious stones making it the most dominant and popular metal for years now. These combinations enhance the versatility of jewellery which can then be worn with a variety of different styles and looks, making them an evergreen in the world of fashion and trends.

The rose gold collection of jewellery and accessories are considered gender neutral and are a favourite with both men and women. It is also known as the most romantic metal of all for its red and dreamy hues. Wedding rings or bands and bracelets made with rose gold are always a great hit with fashionable people. Rose gold is not only more tough and durable metal than white and yellow gold, it also costs less because of the copper alloy present in it making it a lot more affordable. More styles available include rose gold stacking rings and rose gold statement rings, chains and more.


The best quality of rose gold is that it doesn’t tarnish like most of the other metals. So, for years your jewellery will sparkle as good as new.  This makes it a rare and a great metal that doesn’t need much taking care of or polishing. It’s durability and affordability along with its blending rosy colour that suits all skin tones makes the rose gold jewellery a showstopper and a timeless keepsake for your precious collection.