The Evolution of College Management Systems - An Overview

by jagadeesh kumar Analyst
If you belong to the college management fraternity, you would be well aware of the multifarious needs of the colleges and their umpteen departments and the daily routines that need to be carried out. You all are also aware how the software companies have come to rescue with their well researched college or campus management ERPs. These campus management software's have helps automate major work processes thus helping the college manage its resources and time to the optimum. These systems started with some basic college management modules but have evolved over the years and added many vital modules that has apparently brought about a paradigm shift in the way the colleges or universities management their campuses. Here is a run down some of the benefits reaped by colleges across the evolution phase of the college management ERP.

Security Enhancements – Over the period of years security has been one of the vital points considered by software companies and hence secure web servers have been used with web based access facility only to the authorized users.  From providing basic security to the data, software companies have also come up with security at multiple levels so as to avoid data thefts and other kinds of security breaches.

Records and Reports – Most of the ERP software companies have ERP systems that record all the day to day routines and come with report generation facility as well. This helps the management resolves issues related to negligence and resolve them faster and better way. The traditional systems of earlier times were not equipped with such facilities.

Enhanced PR -  As the college management ERP have evolved they have brought about a significant change in the way of communication of the management, faculty, parents and students with each other.  Today making an announcement,  creating an assignment,  filing a complaint or any other internal communication have become as easy as at the click of a mouse. Everything has been refined to such an extend that students are given smart cards in certain colleges which can be used for exams as well.

Daily Routines Simplified – ERP systems have evolved so much so that it has definitely caused a noteworthy transformation in the day to day work processes of the colleges and universities.  Today, most ERP’s come with the feature of tracking down and automating most of the day to day workflow processes of campuses.

Technological Add on’s -  ERP’s today are not used simply for automating the routine work processes of campuses but can also be used in tandem with other technologies like Biometric systems and GPS systems for further automation and tracking of attendance and transportation to name a few.  The incorporation of Biometric systems in particular has been beneficial in campus control.

Having said that, many colleges are using traditional ERP’s as well due to budget restraints or some other reasons best known to them, but the ones who have changed their way of managing their campuses with time and used the evolved version of campus management systems have definitely succeeded in automating most of their work processes.

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