The Beauty Of Greek Nature And Its Rivers

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From the one end of Greece to the other, on islands as well as on the mainland, visitors can admire the rich flora of this magnificent land, which is ideally combined with gurgling, crystal clear waters flowing from rocks and mountains. Greece is full of small diamond beaches everywhere you look. In every seaside, there are beaches that carry stories of times. Small or larger, hidden, for a few, or notorious people who sink from the world, all of them, despite the changes that exist in the landscape, stand there for years, they are a refuge for generations and generations of locals and tourists. Greece has it all. Bright rocks that rise up to the sky. Canyons that lead to worlds so mystical that will make you think you are a time traveller. Thousand-year-old caves that trap the sunlight and make you plead to dive into their unreal blue waters. There are many miracles that nature has given to Greece. Each time you visit Greece you will have more to explore. 

There is surely nothing better than getting close to nature. It is official and scientifically signed: life near nature has significant and many (too many) health benefits. A new large meta-analysis of studies reveals that spending hours in the countryside or even green areas within cities reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature death from all causes, premature birth, anxiety and high blood pressure. So what are you waiting for? A stroll to the most beautiful rivers in Greece is imperative since we have nothing to envy other similar landscapes in the world!

Greece apart from its beautiful seas also has beautiful rivers with lush beauty. Each one of them looks like a painting that fascinates you and travels you to amazing destinations where you can become one with nature. You don't have to worry about your accommodation since the mainland of Greece has plenty of hotels and hostels where you can book your stay and have a great time while indulging into the Greek nature. 

Alfios River, Peloponnese

The largest river of the Peloponnese was also the beloved river of Zeus. The wealthy Alfios with the wonderful myths that accompany its history, is going to astound you. Even today, Alfios is a unique source of life and a flourishing nature landscape of the Peloponnese region. Alfios River flows in a rocky environment, slightly increasing the difficulty for those who want to try its rafting route. The rocks in the river create exciting passages and obstacles, giving you a unique experience throughout your adventure. being able to find yourself in the incredible gorge of Alfios will show you what the greatness of nature really is.

River Lousios, Peloponnese

Lousios is a river in the Peloponnese, a tributary of river Alfios, about 23 km long. According to the tradition, he took this name because the nymphs Neda, Agnos and Thissoa were brought to his water by the newborn Jupiter. Its springs are located in the church of Agia Paraskevi, near the village of Kaloneri and to the south in the area of ancient Thission. Lousios crosses an impressive 15 km gorge and about 2 km wide and ends at Alfios, near Karytaina. On both sides of the gorge are two historical monasteries, the Philosophos Monastery and the Monastery of Prodromos. The canyon was declared an archaeological site in 1997 and protected by the Ministry of Culture. From the western side of the gorge passes the national path 32 (a branch of the European path E4 GR), which starts from Vytina and ends at Gythio. River Lousios is ideal for those who want to go hiking or trying rafting as an outdoor experience.

Neda River, Peloponnese

The river Neda is a beautiful mountain river that originates from the mountain Lykeo and in antiquity defined the borders of Ilia from Messinia. This river took his name from the nymph Neda, who, according to mythology, was the one who helped the god Zeus to grow up at the command of his mother, Rhea, in order to save him from his father, Cronus. Famous not only for its beauty the river Neda is one of the largest rivers of Greece that has a female name. Neda crosses an impressive, gorgeous canyon along which several waterfalls are formed until it reaches the Ionian waters.

River Enipeas, National Park, Olympus

Enipeas is a river in Pieria, which runs Litochoro. Its gorge has evolved and attracts many tourists every year. The gorge of Enipeas River is famous for the myth of the musician Orpheus who was devastated by the Maenads, while the beautiful Leto was bathing in the river. The icy waters of the river spring from Prionia and reach the gates of Mountain Olympus, forming waterfalls, small lakes and many branches. The path is basically shady and offers amazing adventures. If you are brave enough you can dive into its crystal clear waters, while everyone else will simply fill their bottles and cool with clear water.

Voidomatis River, Zagorochoria, Epirus

The famous river Voidomatis, with its vibrant blue waters, is one of Europe's cleanest rivers. This river spills out from the foothills of Tymphi, and is one of the most important wildlife enclaves of Greece. The name of Voidomatis comes from the Slavic Bode Mat, which means "good water". The river flows to the south of Mount Tymphi, while on the highest points begins the deep Vikos gorge.

Acheron, Epirus

In the mountains of Souli, at an altitude of 1,600 meters, just 2 km from the village of Gliki we meet the springs of the river Acheron. Creating in its landscape pictures of immense tranquillity, Acheron river continues its journey to the sea, reaching the end of its path when it flows into the Ionian Sea, in the area of Ammoudia. Acherontas is a destination that should not be missed by any traveller. You have to cross it and definitely walk around it to grasp it vibes and get closer to nature.

River Ardas, Rodopi

Ardas is the northernmost river in Greece that passes through neighbouring Bulgaria. Ardas (in Bulgarian pronounced Arda) stems from the mountains of the Western Rodopi from the part of Bulgaria to the east of the prefecture of Drama. As it reaches Greece, it enters the north side of the Evros Prefecture near the village of Milea and crosses the prefecture until it flows into the river Evros near Kastanies and on the border with Turkey. The total length of Arda reaches about 260 km, of which 220 are in the territory of Bulgaria and 40 in the territory of Greece. There is plenty of fish here, and the depths of the river are inhabited by fish like shads and carps.

Fonias, Samothrace (or Samothraki)

It is the most famous river on the island of Samothraki, which reminds as of legends and folk stories. The spectacle this river offers is anything but scary - Fonias is the Greek word for Murder! On its green shores, you can enjoy moments of relaxation, and it is also suitable for hiking. Along the river, waterfalls and ponds are known as basins. In the first one, the Old Curb, you can reach quite easily, after a pleasant half hour journey. Things are a bit difficult if you want to visit the second pedestal, as it requires uphill hiking and climbing.

Extra Tips

If you find yourself in Epirus or the Peloponnese you might like to combine your stay with a bit of Greek island hopping. Sivota, near Parga (Epirus), is a destination that is flooding social media every summer, not unfairly: Their beaches, which a few years ago recommended us as the "Caribbean of Greece", are some of the most beautiful and exotic that you can find the country. In the Peloponnese you should definitely try a road trip experience, please do yourself a favour and not miss out on exploring Mani Region. 

The natural beauties of Greece are indisputable. Whether you choose to visit its famous islands or make a trip to the mainland, the only sure thing is that every corner of the Greek land will fascinate you. Landscapes of unique beauty are hiding in every region of Greece and they invite you to discover them. All you have to do is pick the ones you like most and make your itinerary.

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