The Anti-Aging Workout Routine for Women

by Ann Berry Digital Marketing
One of the best things people can do to maintain a youthful appearance is to exercise. Exercise keeps the muscles tight and the fat at bay. Curvy hips are sexy, but love handles go a bit too far. A doctor will say that exercise is a great way to stay healthy. They will also say that it helps keep away those aging signs such as wrinkles and flabby skin. It all comes down to caring for the body which means exercise and skin care. Then there is the part about self-acceptance that is perhaps the biggest anti-aging serum technique required. 

Three to Five Times a Week

Exercise cannot be something that’s chosen and then abandoned, like an 800 page book. To complete the analogy, people have to read the whole thing to get anything out of it. That is why training to work out three to five times a week is important. Building the body up over time helps it maintain its healthy shape, both inside and out. 

To be fit does not require a gym membership. Membership fees can be better spent on buying new clothes because the old ones do not fit anymore or on organic produce and vegetables. 

Here are some exercises that can be done around the home without having to pay a monthly fee:

  • Swimming (granted - this only works if there is a pool in the house or the apartment complex)
  • Running
  • Jumping Rope
  • Weight Lifting
  • Zumba
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Crunches

Think of more and write them down. Keeping a journal of when and what type of workouts are done will help track calorie count and fat cells burned. It also helps people stay motivated when they see things written down. Find a workout buddy to help. 

Necessity of Skin Care

Perhaps the biggest outside feature people notice the most is a person’s skin. Signs of aging are most evident on a person’s face. An anti-aging daytime moisturizer would help with wrinkles and fine lines, as will getting those forty winks. It is important to take care of the body too. This means using sunscreen when out in the sun and the moisturizer once indoors. 

Washing the face daily should be part of the skin care regimen. Treating any blemishes or scars with Vitamin E is another good thing to do as it will diminish the signs of aging. The skin protects the body from harmful agents such as dirt and wind, and it needs a little tender love and care in return. 


Being himself or herself is the most important thing a person can do. People can maintain their youthful glow and their thirst for life just by running regularly and washing their faces. It really is that simple. Age just complicates things sometimes because all people see is the number. Shock them with a well-toned body and beautiful face. Show them age is only a number. 

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