Tenet 2020 Film Trailer Released: Here’s the Breakdown

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Christopher Nolan’s upcoming action-thriller film Tenet‘s official trailer has just been released and is ready to fill the thrills in people’s minds. Starring Robert Pattinson, John David Washington, Michael Caine, Elizabeth Debicki, etc. The short trailer is stuffed with gorgeous visual and Christopher Nolan’s style shots. As being an Action-Thriller movie, the trailer features fantastic action shots as well as a suspenseful plot.

Tenet 2020 Film Trailer Released

Many fans were waiting for a long time for the first official Tenet trailer, and finally, it is released. According to the trailer, the film will be focused on secrecy and about a private mission. The project starts underneath a cloud of silence and in the whole film, it is held right there privately.

A short promotional clip of Tenet was released back when the Hobs and Shaw were released. The first official clip was only played in the theaters along with the Hobs and Shaw movie but didn’t found its way on the web. Some artworks and posters were also released a few weeks ago for the movie promotion, which felt pale in comparison with this new trailer. The plot details were not enclosed to the audience in the initial promotional clip, and there were only light action scenes.

Top 5 Breathtaking and Staggering Shots from Tenet Official Trailer  

There are several gorgeous scenes and visuals in the trailer, as well as wonderful stunts, which are shown in the official promotional clip of Tenet. Here are some of the best moments of the Tenet trailer:

  1. Climbing in Reverse

The first glimpse of the trailer is just like as expected; it is almost an impossible stunt and unbelievable visual shown at the beginning of the trailer. The character played by John David Washington, climbs up a skyscraper within a few seconds using a rope connected to the trunk of his body. Even though the clip is a bit hard to understand due to the baffling of the camera.

The plot details can be identified later in the trailer, and you will get to know that John David was actually climbing down off the building using the torso belt and rope, but using the time reversing ability, he was logically climbing upwards. The time-reversal is one of the unique abilities of the Tenet’s universe. Once he gets to the required level of the building, he resumes the natural time flow, and everything seems as usual once he stops the time-reversal. This moment is seriously suspenseful and indeed impossible in the real world where we live, but watching it over a big screen, fills you up with the hype.

  1. The Backward Flowing Boat

The next scene features a giant yellow boat floating straight in the water, but when the scene gets closer towards the boat, it felt like the character is using his time-reversal abilities to flow straightly in the ocean. However, in reality, the boat might be moving backward. You might get to know about more of this scene in the movie.

  1. World War 3 

The next scene you see a lady doctor talking about how they are going to stop World War Three is one of the best moments in the whole trailer since everyone knows what will happen if the world war 3 triggers.

  1. What Do You Get by the Term “Tenet”

Tenet isn’t just a uniquely chosen title for the film; it is more than just that and it reveals a hidden meaning. It is a predefined code or a key to open something mysterious in the movie. In the trailer, it is pretended that it might open some vault or doors, and it can open both good and bad doors. You will know more about Tenet’s real meaning in the movie.

  1. Car Un-Crashing

The moment in the Tenet trailer where you see a car is already flipped, but then you see it moving backward, which can be possible due to time-reversal ability or the driving skills. It starts to spin over after it is caught up. It seems that the video is rewinding, but it can also be other than supernatural powers.

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source : Tenet 2020 Film Trailer Released

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