Surprise: Candy Is Better for You Than You Thought

by Pathlie Lee Business consultant

Just the thought of saying goodbye to candies forever leaves you bereft and lonely. You don’t have to live your life without his favorite treat, though. Most people hear candy and all they think about is that it’s sweet and packs along unhealthy levels of sugar to achieve that. But you’ll be happy to know that candies are healthier for you than you might think. Here's why you shouldn’t take them out of your life and diet completely.

Gummy Vitamins

There are vitamins in the form of gummies. These come under the label of healthy candy. They look good, taste awesome, and smell pleasant, which are often nothing close to what you’re used to with regular vitamins. They’re one of the best examples that show you not all candies are unhealthy. Some are a must-have, even, because they address the nutritional gaps in your diet.

Dark Chocolate

White chocolate is often chocolate with tons of sugar. That’s why it doesn’t often make the list of healthy snacks and sweets. But studies show that dark chocolate is the opposite: it’s good for your health. It contains ingredients and nutrients that aid your body in preventing heart disease. Also, chocolate improves your mood. However, as with all things, moderation is key. An ounce a day is good enough for your daily dose of sweets.

Chewing Gum

Gum increases your alertness and cuts down on your stress levels. If you chew gum while you multitask—that is, while you’re taking a test, or reading, the repetitive action helps decrease your anxiety levels. If you’re in a stressful situation—like you’re waiting for news about a loved one, or you’re waiting for an announcement, chewing gum helps you stay calm.


Most candies contain sugar. While excessive amounts are bad for your health, the recommended daily sugar dose keeps your blood sugar from dropping. Low blood compromises your energy levels, affects your ability to control your impulses, and makes it harder for you to focus. In small doses, sweets restore your normal blood sugar levels, allowing your brain to snap back. The effect is close to what you experience when you snack with fiber and protein. If those options aren’t available, then candy will do in a pinch.

Raisins Dipped in Chocolate

You already know some of the benefits that come from eating dark chocolate. But when you combine chocolate with raisins, you get double the goodness. You can either pick a premade snack, which are raisins already covered in chocolate. Or you can do your own. Melt a stick of your favorite dark chocolate in a pot, transfer that into a pan or bowl into which you can dip the raisins and then you’ve got yourself a healthy snack. Aside from the health benefits that come from dark chocolate, you also get fiber from the raisins. Raisins are also a good source of antioxidants.

Cotton Candy

This might seem hard to believe but cotton candy is good for you, too. Eat it in moderation, though. If you do, it helps your body create new blood vessels.

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