Super Easy Backyard Projects to Max Out Your Outdoor Space

by Emma L. Business consultant

Your backyard is either an invaluable part of your property or a massive underused potential and it is up to you to determine which of these two statements is true. Not only does improving your backyard give a boost to the potential resale value of the place but it also contributes to the lifestyle quality within your home. Fortunately, this is not an issue of the price as much as an issue of organization, ingenuity and outside-the-box thinking. In order to help you get the most out of this idea, here are several tips and suggestions on how you can max out your outdoor space.

String a hammock

The simplest project that you can undertake in your backyard, both to visually enrich it and utilize the living space is to install a hammock. The type of hammock that you decide to go for, on the other hand, is all yours. For instance, you can tie the hammock between two elements of your backyard or you can find a hammock with a steel stand, thus making it stand independently in your backyard. The cost of these hammocks also greatly varies, the latter being more expensive for obvious reasons. Therefore, in order to save some money, you should probably make or find your own posts/stands.

Make a pergola

The next thing you could do is try and separate your deck with a pergola, which should add a certain amount of frame view to your entire deck. What this means is that you finally get a visual representation of your patio as an area between your home’s interior and exterior. Those with enough patience as well as those planning for the long run can grow vines next to the pergola or even use hooks and strings to hang up some planters on it. This also helps you add one more vertical features to your garden.

Making a garden path

There’s nothing that makes your garden more practical than a simple garden path, especially after the muddy season starts. When it comes to materials, you can go with something as simple as gravel or bricks, yet, those with a bit heftier budget should definitely look for tiles of all sorts. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that after you’ve finished creating your path, you should probably look for tile sealing services so that your garden path is protected from staining, deterioration and contamination. In this way, you get to make your garden path almost as resilient as it is aesthetic.

Separate your backyard into zones

The next thing you should do is separate your backyard into zones, which is fairly easy to do even if you have the tiniest of backyards. Think about it; your patio is already a zone, however, there’s nothing wrong with having a seating nook further away as well. While similar in function, this area is more withdrawn from the world, providing more comfort and privacy. Having a backyard playground can be yet another zone, while the area with shrubbery (and a hammock as its centerpiece) can also act as a semi-independent unit of your backyard. As you can see, this doesn’t require any additional investment, only some further rearrangement effort.

Foliage and texture

In order to turn your backyard into a private oasis, you need to conceal it from the prying eye of the outside world. The simplest way to do so is to use big, bold tropical plants to act as an impenetrable visual barrier. The smaller the landscape, the easier the job. On the other hand, you need to be aware of the fact that these unusually large leaves might change the entire scale of your backyard. Needless to say, this makes them quite handy for those who want to manipulate the space in their backyard via a simple optical illusion.

Create several focal points

Finally, in order to give the place some perspective, you should definitely create a focal point. If you have a patio, this focal point is quite easy to establish, especially if there are no other elements of that scale. Still, what if every zone we’ve discussed had a simple focal point of its own? This would make the organization of each independent unit much easier and even make the end result more cohesive. Overall, this only serves to help you organize and plan out the backyard space.

The most curious thing about this kind of organization lies in the fact that your work is never really done. Well, it’s actually done once you say it’s done, which is a dubious concept, to say the least. So, feel free to take your time and make this into a continuous project.

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