Suggestions for Choosing Your First Drone

by Shubham Raheja manager

Let's talk about the two most common methods to get into the quadcopter fad. Initially we will read more cover the popular micro or toy grade models and then we will discuss possible upgrade models like the DJI Phantom and other popular hobby class quadcopters and drones.

Another way to discover quad flight is to acquire a micro quad. These are little quads that look and act the same method that larger quads do. They are actually amazing little machines. The benefit of discovering with a micro quad is that they have such low mass therefore little power driving their small propellers that they are really unlikely to cause any damage when you smack them into something.

My very first quad was the DBPOWER Hawkeye-II. It is a "pastime grade" micro quad, as opposed to "toy grade". If you in some way find a method to harm it, this indicates that you can purchase extra parts and keep it going. My Hawkeye II taken in fairly a bit of abuse as I found out the essentials of quads, and it is still going strong with absolutely nothing more than replacement propellers.

Buying a micro quad with a gamepad-like transmitter or one that is managed by an iPhone will not really help you change to larger, more capable quads.

Some appear to be authentic, while others are obvious knock-offs of popular hobby-grade quads. There are other quads of even more questionable pedigree. Buying a micro quad with a gamepad-like transmitter or one that is controlled by an iPhone won't truly help you transition to bigger, more capable quads.

A neat aspect of micro quads is that you can fly them inside your home. Foul weather and darkness require not hamper your training. As I said, you will run into things as you find out (and beyond). So be reasonable and stay away from animals, kids, the plasma screen, Aunt Edith's urn... you get the concept. And for Pete's sake, switch off the ceiling fan! Besides working out those precautions, there is little to fret about. As your piloting abilities development, you can challenge yourself to increasingly uphill struggles. You might begin out simply attempting to arrive on the coffee table. In time, you'll be dusting your ceramic frog collection with the micro quad's rotor wash.

Once you feel that you have the hang of quad flying, it's time to update to something capable of bring a high quality cam. It is worth mentioning that there are some micro quads with integrated video cameras.

Beyond micro quads, there is a lot of space to grow in terms of cost and abilities, however let's focus on the next logical step. The DJI Phantom is a very popular quad that is capable of carrying a GoPro cam.

If you select to buy a Phantom, I believe you will concur that it is considerably simpler to fly than a micro quad. I've discovered the Phantom's stabilization and position-holding capability to be rock solid. I can park it in the sky and take my hands off of the joysticks. Even if there is a light breeze, the Phantom will remain in location until I regulate it to go elsewhere.

Unlike micro quads, the Phantom has enough mass and horse power to cause sorrow when you hit something with it. The diligent world resident in you must desire no part in causing a damage in an automobile, or maybe purchasing stitches for an unfamiliar person. The wise economist in you should never ever forget that you don't desire to squander the nearly $1000 bound in a Phantom with the most current GoPro by crashing it into a lake. Play it safe on both counts with your very first flights and discover a good open space devoid of other individuals. You will appreciate the breathing space up until you get comfortable flying the Phantom. Even later, you should always ask yourself "Is it safe to fly here?".

DJI and other business provide numerous quads in kit form. Taking the DIY route likewise offers you with an intimate knowledge of how the various parts of a quad work in unison to achieve controlled air travel. 

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