Storytelling in Content Creation A Crucial Element says Filmmaker Videographer

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Storytelling in Content Creation A Crucial Element says Filmmaker Videographer

Brisbane videographer and filmmaker Danny Camara announces the re-launch of video production services with not only stunning cinematography but also a strong focus on storytelling. According to Danny, he's seen firsthand the shift in audience demand when it comes to commercials. Viewers of advertisements today want more than just product or service information; they want ads that tell a story.

For Danny, this shift in audience demand offer new and exciting ways to create commercials. “In other words,” he says, “your ‘cool’ product isn’t the reason people buy, it’s the way that product’s story captures their attention.”

Examples of ads with compelling stories can be found here:

Storytelling in Advertising

“Storytelling is massive because consumers don't want to be sold at, they want to watch videos that include information and a story they can connect with and find themselves in.” Danny says marketing research has found that people naturally respond better to stories than to information ads by default. This has always been at the heart of effective marketing -- telling a good story instead of just pushing a product or service out there like a commodity. People will relate more to an entertaining story than just some random commercial about how great product or service is.

"People want to connect with brands on a emotional level, and that’s what we’re aiming to do with our video production services. We want to create ads that leave a lasting impression on viewers, ads that they’ll remember long after they’ve seen them."

Understanding the Target Audience

Danny also stresses the importance of understanding the target demographic before creating an advertisement. He says that this will help in two ways:

· Ensures the product will be a good fit for the business's target demographic.

· Increases the chances that the video will present the story in a way understandable and relevant to viewers.

Knowing the target demographic when creating advertising campaigns will help focus on the reason behind the product or service. And the Number 1 reason has always been, and always will be, people.

Getting Started

When asked what the first step is, Danny says, “First, start thinking about the types of stories that the video needs to tell. Does the business want to address a problem that can be solved by using a product or service? Are there aspects of the product that are difficult to show to your audience? Perhaps telling a story will solve that.”

“For example,” he says, “one way to show how well a machine works would be to break it apart and show each technical piece. But that doesn’t make for an engaging ad. But if the video were to show how that machine could impact a person’s life, for example, give them the time to enjoy the weekend, this would be a good example of storytelling in advertising.”

He says that a business can even contact a video production company to help create the concept. "We love this stage where we're involved with conceptualizing. Together with representatives of the business, video producers can start thinking of a variety of concepts. They will then brainstorm ideas for how it could be told. The next step is to create storyboards for these different types of stories. Once storyboards are complete, the video director plans out production."

To summarize, Danny emphasizes that advertising is about more than just selling a product or two. More importantly, it’s about people, the business's audience. And a video is going to connect with this target audience by telling them an interesting story that they can relate to, one where their experience resonates with the message conveyed through the ad. To get some ideas on crafting compelling narratives for advertisements, check out some of the commercials that Danny Camara and his team have created for clients:


Danny Camara Cinematography provides top-notch video content creation services for businesses of all sizes, production companies, and advertising/marketing agencies. Their award-winning team has years of experience in the industry, and passionate about creating stunning custom videos tailored to specific needs and objectives.

Their experienced staff will work alongside clients from start to finish ensuring all aspects of quality filmmaking are met. To view past work, please go to

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