Stay Calm After the Storm

by Adam Perry Content Editor

Living in Georgia has a ton of advantages, but the weather isn’t always one of them. When you’re located just above Florida along the Atlantic Ocean’s coastline, you see your fair share of tropical storms. Georgia also sees plenty of tornados touchdown; thankfully, they are usually only F1. Nonetheless, both of these conditions can cause serious damage to your roof, especially if it’s older. If you’ve been hit by a tropical storm or tornado, stay calm and make certain everyone is okay, including the pets. Then, contact the best roofing company in Lilburn, GA.


Step 1: Assess the Damage


The best roofing contractor will conduct a full inspection of your roof, both from the exterior and interior of your home. His primary concern must be you and your family’s safety. He will advise whether you can remain in your home or if there is a chance of further collapse. Once he’s made this determination, he will assess all damage, take pictures, and write a full report and estimate for repairs. If your roof needs to be replaced, he will prepare an estimate for that.


Step 2: Contact Your Insurance Company


Hopefully, you have a homeowner’s policy that will cover the full extent of the damages, even if your roof does need to be replaced. Otherwise, you will have to compensate the contractor for any work for which the insurance company refuses to pay. Contact your insurer and schedule an appointment with a claims adjustor. He or she will also visit your property. You can hand over the contractor’s report and photos and allow him or her to inspect your roof, as well.


Step 3: Fill Out Claim Paperwork


Your next step will be to fill out any paperwork required by the adjustor, and the best roofing company Lilburn, GA, can help. The estimator will also get in touch with the insurance adjustor to see if he or she has any questions about the damage report and/or photos. He will follow up until the claim is approved or denied, and if the claim is denied, he will help you find out from the adjustor why. If approved, the contractor will schedule a time to begin your roof repairs/replacement.


You might not stay calm during the storm, which is understandable if you’re in the basement listening to your roof being ripped off the top of your house, but you can remain calm afterward when you work with the best roofing company in Lilburn, GA. The contractor will write up a report for your insurance adjustor that should get the work approved and started.

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