4 Signs Your Rodent Problem Needs Professional Attention

by Adam Perry Content Editor

The home you build for your family, or the one you move into, should be a place of safety, peace and security. It should be a refuge from the troubles of life, and it should be a haven of comfort and relaxation for all who live there. You do everything you can to keep out unwanted invaders, and this includes pests. Rodents are some of the most undesirable visitors you may get at home. If you find mice or rats at home, you be think you can set a few traps and handle the issue. Unfortunately, though, may infestations get too big for you to handle. There are signs to help you know if your rodent problem deserves a professional hand from rodent control in Middleburg, FL.

You see Droppings

Like any animal, rodents leave their mark in the from of waste. When they eat, they leave droppings, and they’ll often do it in plain sight for you see. Often, though, the droppings will show up in tight spaces. Rodent droppings carry serious disease that can adversely affect pets and humans alike, so when you see these dark, rice-shaped objects, you know it’s time for rodent control in Middleburg, FL.

You see Chewing Marks

Mice and rats will eat just about anything, and they’re not adverse to gnawing on your walls, floors, shelves, boxes and just about anything else. Pay attention to this evidence. Sometimes you may not be too concerned about this issue; however, understand that mice and rats also chew wires, which can start electrical fires.

Your Traps Aren’t Working

You can go to any local grocery store and find popular rodent traps. These are easy to set and can be effective. However, rodents may not always take the bait. Or, you may have so many in your home that it’s hard to keep up with the problem. If you’re not catching many, or if you still hear or see evidence of more rodents despite the presence of the traps, you need professional rodent control in Middleburg, FL, to come to your rescue.

You see Them

Rodents are secretive creatures that don’t like to be out in the open much. They’ll spend the bulk of their time in cellars, attics, or hard-to-reach places. However, it’s not uncommon to spot them. If you see them in the open, there are problem many more hidden in walls. Call rodent control in Middleburg, FL, to help get rid of this issue.

You don’t have to share your home with rodents any longer. Call the pros and sleep peacefully tonight.  

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