Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Properties and Applications

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Wire mesh is a bunch of many crossed wires in uniform patterns and this pattern helps in forming a barrier or screens. Wires make a pattern which is uniform but the size can be either small, large and also the shape may vary like in square or polygonal. The type of shape and size of the finished product depends upon its purpose of use and its application. Let us brief some of the wire mesh properties due to which the product has been made a customer popular product. 


 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh and Its Features:

The wire mesh or the barriers which are made from various grades of stainless steel like 304, 316 depending upon the use and purpose. There are a few properties that make it popular are briefed below:


- Corrosion resistance:

The wire mesh is made of stainless steel with a mix of eight percent of nickel and eighteen percent of chromium alloyed. These metals made the wire mesh barriers corrosion resistant. Industries with underwater application usage majorly use stainless steel mesh screens so that it is more durable because of its corrosion resistant application. Also, the use can also be seen in areas where the element's exposure is at its maximum and it also ensures longer functionality of the wire mesh barriers.  


 -Low maintenance:

Due to the qualities of wire mesh which includes high stability, non-reactive structure and corrosion resistant properties, the wire mesh requires low maintenance. Due to these properties and low maintenance nature, the fences can be reused to a certain extent. Also, these wire mesh can be left in an exposure environment of elements, stainless steel metal ensures the functionality of the wire mesh to a long extent. 


-Temperature tolerant

These wire cloth can be used in high, low temperatures like in extreme hot conditions or even in cold conditions. Giving the wire mesh some special treatments, they are used in high pressure conditions like an area with a rectangular holding and pouring the concrete for standing of pillars or slabs. The made stainless steel concrete box can hold a high amount and pressure of constructions. The use of stainless steel meshes can be seen in physical separating and sieving of various sized particles in many of the industries. 


Let's have a quick brief on the application of stainless steel wire mesh which are used in the below fields:



These are proven to be very useful as barriers as it helps in the delineating of the boundaries of homes, commercial places, properties, plots etc. To protect from even animals the use of wire mesh can be seen as it helps in securing dangerous animals from a specified area and even help to keep such animal cages. 


- Electrifying fencing used for high security:

Fences have been advanced and its application precedes in having electrified boundaries. These electrifying fencing can be seen around areas which require high security like nuclear plants, research facilities. Fencing comprises thin copper wires which are wound around and through the steel fencing including the barbed razor wires for ensuring more protection.


-Perimeter fencing:

This is usually used in areas where temporary protection for a very short period of time is required and is used for that purpose only. Perimeter fencing is light in weight and is malleable and also can be easily removed and reinstalled as per requirement without any hassle for a short period of time.

The steel wire mesh is very durable item used in oil filtrations, building construction, gas and petroleum industries, and more.

Steel Mesh Suppliers in UAE

UAE is known for oil industries, so there are many mesh filter industries are available in Dubai, Sharjah, and other cities as well. Stainless steel wire mesh is most usable in oil and gas industries. It is available in two categories that are woven and welded. There are various wire mesh suppliers in UAE, but there are limited companies that manufacture ss wire mesh for a long time, and you can trust them.

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