Shower Screens – What Options Are Available, and What Their Benefits Are

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Looking to give your bathroom an amazing, yet budget-friendly makeover? Perhaps you could try installing a glass shower screen! Yes, glass shower screens are readily available in most home improvement shops and hardware stores, and they also come in a wide array of modern as well as classical designs and styles. Today, we are going to discuss the various options available, and what their benefits are.


Framed Shower Screen

According to home improvement and interior design experts, framed shower screens Brisbane are quite a popular option today, especially for large and busy family bathrooms. A framed shower screen helps provide a full enclosure, one that’s made up of glass panels that are supported by aluminum frames.


Framed shower screens also come in a wide assortment of configurations which are great for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. In fact, this option is a wonderful choice for budget-conscious families and homeowners. 


Frameless Shower Screen

Frameless shower screens   are a sleek and minimalistic option as compared to a fully framed shower screen. This one features a quite simple yet modern design, with a glass panel that’s supported by aluminum parts. This shower screen type is the perfect choice for small or cramped bathrooms, where space is obviously a major challenge.


Semi-Frameless Shower Screen

Semi-frameless shower screens  are simply a conventional shower screen that has a amore subtle frame. While this offers the strength and endurance of a framed shower screen, they are more stylish and sophisticated in their design. These are a perfect choice for those who are looking for a durable yet elegant and stylish shower screen.


Sliding Door Shower Screen

Sliding door shower screens  are famed for being amazing space savers. While this option offers the same amount of space as compared to a closed enclosure, the doors do not open inwards or outwards, which helps it save a lot of space. This option is also considered a very practical choice for homes that have very limited space, like apartment units.


Fixed Panel Shower Screen

Fixed panel shower screens are simple yet elegant options for budget-conscious homeowners. These consist of a single frameless glass panel, and has a quite minimalist look. But, this one is actually a good fit for large bathrooms, as it requires a drying area which will be open to the room.


Pivot Door Shower Screen

Pivot door shower screens are actually traditional or conventional screens which rotate open on a central point. These are available in a wide assortment of designs and styles, but they are only suitable for bigger bathrooms dues to the space that’s required for the door to open. So, if space isn’t an issue to you, then you could go for this option.





Bi-Fold Door Shower Screen

These types of shower screens  are considered by interior design experts and budget-savvy home builders to be both practical and stylish. While this option helps save a lot of space, its opening mechanism also makes it attractive and sleek. Bi-fold door shower screens can also come in two or more folds, and they can be a practical yet aesthetic choice for contemporary bathrooms.


The Benefits of Using Shower Screens

Now, let’s talk about the many benefits of using shower screens. Whether you are planning to renovate an existing bathroom, or you’re trying to add a new one, most home improvement experts stress that you should consider including a glass shower screens.


Why? Well, according to one home improvement expert, clean glass shower screens provide bathrooms of all shapes and sizes with an air of cleanliness, class and modernity. So, let’s first talk about one major benefit of using glass shower screens, which is attractiveness.


Yes, glass shower screens look chic, stylish and neat. They make any bathroom look more polished and unified, as well as spacious, because they allow other design elements to pop, or be used. In fact, with glass shower screens you accent your paint options, hardware and flooring with glass doors instead of adding an enclosure which could disrupt the bathroom’s overall design.


Second, glass shower screens   provide you with the opportunity to create a customized solution for your bathroom. The capacity for customizing actually becomes very useful in bathrooms with renovated showers, because the shower was not designed with the rest of the bathroom, and it may have created irregular shapes, awkward or tight spaces.


Your building contractor could actually take all these eccentricities or issues into account, especially during the initial design stages, so that that they can ensure a seamless fit for your bathroom.


Next, glass shower screens make for a very desirable option. In fact, glass doors in any room of the house can actually bring forth an air of style and elegance, and your shower screens are no different.


And, if you plan to sell your home in the coming weeks or months, then please opt for a glass enclosure, because this type of shower screen can actually help raise your home’s value, as well as entice a lot of home buyers.


Next, glass shower screens are also very durable. In fact, the glass used for shower screens actually goes through a rigorous tempering and treatment process to strengthen it. These types of shower screens  are also shatter-resistant and scratch-proof.


And with the right maintenance, glass shower screens can also last as long as your home does. So, talk to your building contractor, or your nearest glass dealer or contractor to find out the suitable warranty options on your glass door and hardware. In general, the glass itself usually lasts much longer than the frame, handle or other hardware. Now, isn’t that so amazing?


Finally, glass shower screens   are very much low-maintenance, apart from requiring the usual regular cleaning to eliminate water spots and soap residue. In some cases, the door hardware may need replacement (Although appropriate cleaning could help reduce this risk).

So, once you’ve finally felt ready to fit your bathroom with your chosen glass shower screen, contact a reputable contractor now, so that they can assess the shape, size and layout of your bathroom.


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