Servo Voltage Stabilizer – A happy ending to all your Voltage Problems

by Jeewan Garg Digital Marketing Company in India
Most of us still don’t know what a Servo stands for.  When I was a novice, I thought that “Servo” is some company or a brand name.  But the name comes from a motor which does the major work of voltage regulation.  This motor is perhaps the Servo stabilizer’s backbone as it inculcates precision of the highest order in giving out accurate voltage transmission to transmit unparalleled current supply to secure homes, offices and industries from frequent fluctuations with its perfect rotating adjustments that deserve applause.  

India is a vast country with scattered sectors of both industries and residential areas.  There are some pockets that are largely commercial by mammoth industrial setup, however, some residential areas also do occupy these areas.  While parts in Delhi bear this regular problem, the new industrial township boasts of a gigantic manufacturing segment but there one can also find domestic electricity consumption.  Such places have a very big problem in common and that is how electricity is distributed unequally.   As we know that industries require heavy loads and the big transformers are fully packed with full current supply, domestic supply comes from small transformers using only up to 60-70% as actual power load.  In this case, the complex situation of load disbursal is perhaps always existent.   Secondly in an zone where large machines consume huge power, frequent electricity breakdowns and load shedding are bound to happen.  The immediate supply of huge load after a halt can also ruin equipment and also burn their coiling.  Also the domestic pockets put up in these industrial parts often suffer numerous counts of electricity failure and danger to fragile electrical appliances.  This scenario calls for a secure and important transition to controlling such erratic power problems with use of a very fast and reliable stabilizing unit called Servo. 

As already discussed, the servo controlled stabilizer is a stabilizing unit that uses a ‘Servo’ motor controlled auto transformer along with a Buck\Boost transformer booster installed which deters voltage fluctuations to the actual supply and corrects the incoming load to regulate phase supply so that the desired output is gained.  Whenever there is a voltage fluctuation, the autotransformer has the Servo AC synchronous motor which rotates on the spindle and corrects output voltage in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction as deemed necessary to give calculated voltage supply.    There are other components which are quite important to the working of the motor like comparator, transistors, mocs, etc.  You don’t find these parts in the traditional transformer unit because it still has relays to give step wise electricity correction whereas in a Servo, the motor does it all and so, no relay equipment is required.  Unlike an ordinary relay transformer, a Servo stabilizer has an error amplifier to handle erroneous voltage.  While this voltage rotates the ac synchronous motor in the desired direction to boost or buck the output voltage from the secondary winding, the error amplifier continuously keeps an eye on the output voltage.  The carbon brush attached to the spindle gives required adjustment synchronization to voltage.  Indeed only Servo gives just +/-1% voltage variation and an idle consumption of less than 1% of total electrical units.

In India, where still there is a huge problem of frequent power cuts and short circuits,  Servo stabilizers are the star of the future.  Having a long working life and durability, these stabilizers are unique in their working and stability.

ServoStar is a leading Servo stabilizer manufacturer giving you a wide range from 5 KVA to 1000 KVA for domestic installations and heavier Servo stabilizers for industrial applications.  Since Servo Voltage Stabilizer offers protection against over load, short circuit, undervoltage and overvoltage, you surely will have a happy ending to all your voltage problem!

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