Save 30% on Email Lists - Don't Send A Ton Of Emails To Your Prospects

by Priscilla Adams Marketing Executives

With the internet spawning a slew of new advertising outlets and interaction possibilities, it's important to assess what we need to do to stay on top of our game. One approach to stay ahead of the competition is to have a solid drip marketing plan and drive consumer involvement.

In this piece, Mails STORE will look at how you may push your drip marketing strategy to success while avoiding the dangers of inexperience. Do not Send An Email Tsunami Overburdening your Christmas & New Year  season prospects' and regular customers’s inboxes with unnecessary material is never a good idea.

Many overzealous marketers feel that the more emails they send to customers, the greater the response rate. However, the contrary is true. Sending out information too often might drive waves of subscribers away from your drip marketing programme.

Do Plan Your Sales in Christmas & New Year Season

The Christmas and New Year goal behind drip marketing lists are to keep your product in the thoughts of your prospects until they are completely ready to buy it in particular Christmas season products. Email blasts, direct mail, and tele-reminders all work together to accomplish this.

When your Christmas & New Year Healthcare Email List consumer buys, they are most likely investigating the goods online Christmas sales first, and your emails are their primary resource. When consumers receive your email and click on a product, only to be sent to the home page, where they must search for the Christmas & New Year product again and again, it indicates you, as a marketer, are putting unneeded barriers in their path as they move down the funnel.

Instead, direct them to product-specific landing pages.

Don't Sustain Boredom in Christmas & New Year Season

When your Christmas & New Year 2022 - 2023 season sales cycles are long and your purchasing frequency is low, it is critical to keep your Christmas & New Year consumers engaged and interested in your brand on a near-constant basis. That is exactly what a good drip marketing strategy accomplishes.

An unsuccessful Christmas & New Year season Technology User Email List campaign, on the other hand, can drive potential Christmas & New Year season clients straight into the arms of the competitors, which frequently occurs because the information being sent out does not provide enough value or is just dull.

Create a Negative Bias Against the Competition.

This may appear to be a nasty plot, but offering Christmas & New Year season clients comparisons of other products - comparisons that objectively demonstrate why your product beats all - can damage the efficiency of the competition.

Now, I'm not claiming this will keep Christmas & New Year season prospects away from the competition; rather, it will build a bias in their thoughts when reading competitor landing sites.

One of the worst things you can do is treat your drip Christmas & New Year Industry wise Email List marketing campaign as a one-way communication route. Many businesses send out a single email every week to their whole customer and prospect database and then wonder why they don't receive great results. That's because feedback is critical.

You can obtain better replies by encouraging your comments with an e-book or a killer infographic, or by opening a forum, initiating discussions, and embarking on the difficult process of building an online community. Alternatively, you may install an inconspicuous form on your website and pray.

Do Consider Optimizing For Mobile Devices

Mobile gadgets are ubiquitous. According to studies, mobile surfing will overtake laptop and desktop online interaction in 5 years due to increased bandwidth, improved functionality, and the delight of portability. You may secure far more frequent Christmas & New Year season consumer interaction by tailoring your drip marketing programmes for mobile browsing platforms.

While it is not your traditional B2B sales site, StumbleUpon (SU) provides a plethora of profitable business prospects to the astute marketer. While B2C marketer has long recognised and capitalised on the potential of stumbling to expose their products to a happy audience, it's past time for B2B marketers to recognise and capitalise on this most wonderful, traffic-driving discovery engine.

Of course, some of you may be hesitant to take my word for it (which is a pity, in my opinion), so I've compiled mailing lists of reasons why you should have your landing pages indexed on SU right now.

A big portion of Stumble Upton’s user base, like Pinterest, actively stumbles for items and services. It doesn't end there. Those of you who believe SU is only a tool for creating interesting material are totally incorrect. The service can also be useful - kudos to all those content marketers with great content but minimal traffic! Adding your page to stumble upon's index can generate long-term interest in it, even among those who aren't Christmas & New Year season customers.

Mails STORE has been identifying top-rated, interest-specific pages for its customers since 1998, far from being the new kid on the block. That's much longer than other social media networks, giving it one of the most devoted user bases in internet history, barring Google. In actuality, Mails STORE Professional Email List had 20 million users as of October 2015 – over ten years after its launch. That may sound insignificant in comparison to Facebook's 850 million-strong network, but Mails STORE records more than 1 billion 'stumbles' every month. That a lot of individuals are looking for a variety of things. Furthermore, because it has been there for so long, it is reasonable to assume that the majority of users are an active, loyal, and adult audience that is more than likely to be interested in your products and services if you position your brand correctly.

Consider what Mails STORE C Level Executives Email List really does: the site serves up random Mails STORE web pages to visitors based on their interests and the popularity rating of the page. Furthermore, Mails STORE Industry wise email list indexes approximately 3.2 million pages every month, with each page having an average half-life of 400 hours, compared to 3.2 hours for Facebook and 2.8 hours for Twitter. Have you considered revising your social media strategy? You ought to be.

A popular link on Facebook will likely receive 5-10% additional links after 24 hours. However, due to Mails STORE is randomised retrieval technique, a link is likely to yield 83% more stumbles! That is enormously important, especially when you consider that the average page view on SU is around 72 seconds, compared to 58 seconds for routinely accessible web pages.

Are you a sales-driven company? Is e-commerce your passion? Here is something to make you shriek with delight or grunt with curiosity. In the United States alone, Mails STORE  produces more over 50% of web referral traffic, compared to Facebook's 37.4% and Twitter's startlingly low 3.2%.

Remember that it is essentially a content-creation tool. Not for profit. Hard sell just does not work in this area, and if you attempt to force your 'stuff' down people's throats, we will be castigated, loathed, and ignored all the way to the bottom of the rankings. We will learn to make your content conversational and compel the inner gimmicky salesperson to turn around and quiet down if you want to fumble your way to success.

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