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Being an automobile enthusiast is not about knowing about the vehicles, but more about loving it. If you love your vehicle, you’ll be able to keep your vehicle in good condition always. It is important to keep a check of your vehicle always so that you might not face any accidents or any kind of hassle on road. Given below are the few points that can keep your vehicle in a good shape for long and avoid accidents-

It is important to check the air pressure of the vehicle in a regular basis-

It is important to ensure that the air pressure of all the tyres of your vehicles is according to the recommended levels. This can help in maintaining the driver & other passengers’ safety. If the pressure is less, arrange for a refill as early as possible. Try using a high quality car or car or bike oil to keep the engine well.

It is a sensible idea to check the brakes of the vehicle-

It must be made a routine for the automobile driver to check the condition of brakes before starting the vehicle. This can help prevent accidents a lot.

It is important to wear a seat belt-

A seat belt can help avoid many accidents. It can help save the driver and the passenger by increasing the stopping distance while the accident occurs. Safety belts generally distribute the sudden and swift deceleration to the stronger parts of the human’s body that would make lesser impact on the vital parts of the body.

While riding two wheelers, use helmets-

It is important to wear helmets while riding a bike. Whether one has a scooter or a motorcycle, a helmet can always save the driver and passenger’s life, especially the most important part of his or her body-head.

Make sure the mirrors are showing you the right object-

Adjust your front & rear mirrors as per the rules. The mirrors give the driver the correct estimation of distance and the other vehicles, thus avoiding fatal accidents.

Do not drink & drive-

It is important for the driver not to drink & drive, as it can contribute to major accidents as the driver cannot calculate the time and distance in a sane mind when he or she is drunk.

Avoid rash driving-

It is important that the driver must not exceed the recommended levels of speed so that he or she can get best possible mileage.  

It is important to use indicator lights when the driver is taking turns-

One of the most important driving habits is to use indicators while taking turns, especially while driving late.

Follow all the traffic rules-

It is important to follow the traffic rules, as they are designed for the safety for the common people.

Avoid using mobiles while crossing roads-

Mobile phone is a menace when used while crossing roads. It is a menace when the driver gets distracted while using the mobile phone during driving.

If you are using the market’s best engine oil, it would help keep your engine in a good condition. So make sure to use the recommended engine oil and enjoy the joyride!

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