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Washing Your Face When It Comes to Acne

If your skin is troubled by acne, then you already know that there are many things that are recommended as treatments for it. You’ll find that you are offered plenty of creams, drying agents, and so much more, but did you know that one of the best steps that you can take when it comes to acne is as simple as washing your face? Washing your face and what you do and do not do is instrumental towards figuring out what is causing your acne and how you can help it heal.

The first thing to be aware of is that the skin of your face is significantly more sensitive than the skin of the rest of your body. This is why you should never use soap formulated for your body on your face. The soap that is formulated for your body will be significantly harsher and more abrasive than the skin of your face can stand; essentially it will dry your face out. When your face is dried out, it makes it significantly harder to heal from problems like acne and it also makes scarring much more pronounced.

Remember that when you are dealing with acne, most of the problems aren’t going to be stemming from what you eat or what you put on your face; acne vulgaris is most often caused by hormones and genetics. You’ll find, though, that there are many steps that you can take to help this condition along as it heals up. The ideal situation is where you will find a way to wash your face that will not make the scarring worse.

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When you are thinking about washing your face with regards to acne, there are a few things to keep in mind. Remember that anything that you put on your face that is an astringent, while it might dry the acne out, it can dry it out too much. If you find that something being applied to your face stings too much, it might be time to give it a break. Remember that the more stinging that happens, the harsher the astringent is, so take the warning that it might be too much for your skin.
If you are looking to create a whole new face washing regimen for yourself, take some time and think about washing your face with water only. When you put creams on your face, you risk clogging up your pores and making the problems with acne larger. Take some time to think about what you put on your face and how it is really affecting the way that your face looks and feels. When you wash your face, really think about the fact that you are trying to cleanse and soothe your face at the same time.

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