Role of the Patient Before, During, and After a Deep Tissue Massage Session

by Kapil C. Digital Marketer

Deep massage therapy is exceedingly reliable in reducing chronic muscle pain and relaxing the stiff muscle groups. However, it is an intense method that involves applying considerable pressure or force on the body. Thus, the people opting for it must prepare to remain comfortable throughout the process. Additionally, ample preparation ensures that the massage delivers maximum positive results. 


Generally, the preparation or steps an individual needs to take for deep tissue massage gets segregated according to their time. Thus, they should do a few things before, during, and after the massage. Let us discuss them. 


Before the Massage


  • Hydration


A massage can stimulate the muscles in a way similar to exercise. Thus, an individual may become parched and dehydrated after a long deep tissue massage session. 


Hence, companies or specialists offering the best deep tissue massage London understand the need to remain hydrated before the session. Besides dealing with the aftermath, water helps in other ways. It can facilitate muscle loosening. It, in turn, makes it easier for the masseur to work on the muscle groups. 


Additionally, water can dissolve the released toxins and make it convenient to expel them outside the body through sweat or urine.  


  • Check-Up


All patients must customarily visit their doctor and get their permission before scheduling a deep tissue massage. It may be because the physician may advise against the therapy method if the patient has some problem that may get aggravated. 


For instance, doctors tell people with osteoporosis, arthritis, and other bone issues not to seek deep tissue massage. Otherwise, the pressure applied to the body may damage the bones. 


Unlike popular belief, pregnant women can take deep tissue massage. Nevertheless, their doctor’s permission and consent remain necessary. 


  • Pain Threshold Determination


Deep tissue massage may seem intense for those who do not have any prior experience in it. It may even become overwhelming in some instances. Thus, it is necessary to gauge the pain threshold before going for a massage session. 


This step becomes essential because excessive flinching or tensing up of the body can prevent toxins release and muscle relaxation. In other words, the deep tissue massage would have no effect even in the slightest. 


During the Massage


During the massage, the primary job lies with the masseur. However, the patients have to do one thing- get accustomed to the therapy method. They can do so through the warm-up process. 


The warm-up process is a part of the deep tissue massage session most companies offering professional luxury massage London provide. It entails getting the body familiarized with the actions of the masseur to prevent a subconscious reaction against it. 


The process begins with applying gentle, small, and light strokes on the various body parts. As the session progresses, the force increases. Then, stroking motions and heavier kneading methods get used. 


After the Massage


  • Rest


A deep tissue massage is not omnipotent. It implies that you cannot feel significantly healthier and better after the session. Instead, a rest period of a minimum of 12 hours gets recommended. 


Some people may feel sore after the deep tissue massage session. It may be because of the intense pressure applied during the process. Also, it burns considerable calories, making the patient tired. Nevertheless, the issues generally get better after the rest. Thus, the relaxation period is necessary to allow the body to recuperate. 


  • Ice


Most companies offering the best sports massage London recommend people apply ice. They must do so over the areas where the maximum pressure got applied during the deep tissue massage session. It can help deal with any discomfort or swelling that may occur. 

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