Role of Lawyer in Criminal Cases and Defense Proceedings

by Kapil C. Digital Marketer

Lawyers are the base pillars of every law-abiding society. If police are the law's protector, then lawyers are its defendant. In any criminal proceeding, the need for lawyers is just like the need for oxygen to living beings. There is a specialized field of law in crime, and these lawyers are called Criminal lawyers. Below are described the roles and importance of Criminal Lawyers in criminal cases and defense proceedings: -


1- Investigate the Crime scene

The Best professional lawyer is very smart and handles evidence in very organized manner to influence the court in favor of his client. First and foremost, any lawyer will first meet their client and get every possible information required for the case to be made strong and in favor of the client. Then he will investigate the crime scene to fetch the facts and details. He will also search for evidence that may have been neglected or ignored by the police.


2- Argue in the court

Lawyers' powerful oratory skills influence the court so much that defense lawyers can sometimes get anticipatory bail lawyers in delhi. This is the most important role of a criminal lawyer in defense proceedings. The lawyers argue in court with the prosecutor and reveal flaws in the prosecutor's statements. Arguing also reveals hidden evidence or facts that were not in the light earlier.


3- Questioning Evidences

Sometimes to pester, rivals file false criminal cases on their nemesis to give them a legal welter. All these cases are based on fake evidence and false accusations. Defense lawyers do their work smartly and reveal this fake evidence in front of the court by their art of questioning. If they cannot get their client acquitted in the first proceedings, they will surely get them bail from the supreme court.


4- Negotiations

Lawyers have away with all the parties. If the case is not in favor of their clients, they also try to make a deal and negotiate with the other party. Sometimes this work pretty well. It has been seen that in most cases like rape, sexual intercourse was made by mutual consensus. But due to the greed for money, still, rape case is filed. Lawyers make out the best deal possible because they understand that If money is gone, something is gone, but if society's status is gone, everything is gone. By the smart wit, criminal lawyers supreme court of india can get bail special leave petition and cite various reasons made out during negotiations.


5- Reducing the term of punishment

It has been recorded that the client was convicted guilty, but due to strong arguments by the defense lawyer, the client's term of punishment is sometimes reduced, or the type of punishment is changed. Criminal lawyers have a decade-long experience handling these cases, so they know how to deal things out. Sometimes the client loses a case in the high court, then the lawyer files a transfer petition in the supreme court. All the potential consequences and outcomes of any legal activity are already explained to the clients by their lawyers. This is done so that the client does not live in the dark. 


These were some roles of lawyers in criminal cases and defense proceedings. The gist is that lawyers do everything to save their clients from punishments, say negotiations or transfer petitions. Lawyers have saved many innocent lives and have put many criminals under bars. Hence the position of a lawyer is very respected in society.

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